My Top 10 Songs on the Westside Database

I have decided on my last show here at Westside to play my listeners my TOP TEN SONGS in our database here in the studio.

So, only seemed fair to blog what my Top 10 Songs are so you can enjoy them as well 🙂

(I have also attached the links to the songs in their title…enjoy!)

10: Carly Rae Jespen – Call Me Maybe

It has a good tune and I know all the words. Plus, it’s quite funny. Lame  or not, I love it.

9: Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be

Uhh…who doesn’t love this song? That’s what I thought. MAKES ME WANNA DANCE!

8: Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

I have an obsession with JB. I find him precious…and I love his songs. Everyone at Westside and my listeners know I have a slight case of Bieber fever…and I will never deny it.

7: Naughty Boy ft Emeli Sande – Wonder

The beat and vocals in this song instantly made me fall in love with it. I don’t think I could possibly get sick of hearing it. Absolutely lovely.

6: Daley ft Jessie J – Remember Me

This song just has some swag to it that I can’t explain. I love it…plus it is CONSTANTLY stuck in my head.

5: Maroon 5 – Payphone

Adam Levine…you are attractive and you can sing. I approve.

4: DBanj – Oliver Twist

I know this doesn’t really seem my type of music. But the beat to this song is EPIC and I suppose you can say Westside rubbed off on my music taste a bit. 😉

3: Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

It pains me to have a T. Swift song on my Top 10…but I can’t deny that this song is much different from her norm and actually is really good. I like it. No judgement if you do too.

2: Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me

HELLO! Bieber fever remember…yes, he is on my list twice. You know you (secretly) love it.

1: XO Man – Quag

A majority of my friends in the States have never heard this (probably because he is from West London)…and when they do they become OBSESSED! If you enjoy humour and a catchy tune, this song is for you. You are welcome.

There you have it. My Top 10 tracks I play on my show here at Westside. It’s been fun y’all. Don’t forget…


Thought for the day: Long overdue

Hiya guys,
I apologise for the lack of blogging over the past couple months. It has been one crazy few months. Wonder what has kept me occupied? Here are just a few examples:

1. Still having no job luck…I am slowly but surely realising how near impossible it is to get sponsorship unless you are a Doctor or a Scientist of some sort.

…apparently I went into the wrong profession.

BUT IM NOT GIVING UP! I may have a few tricks up this pink sleeve of mine 😉

2. I got myself a boyfriend ❤

He is absolutely amazing…and British. All you girls back home, be jealous I get to listen to that lovely English accent every day.

3. I am working as the Drivetime show presenter for a radio station in West London every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4pm – 7pm (GMT).

You can stream it online if you want to support and show me some love:


Other than those things I really have no excuse for my slacking when it comes to my pink, sparkly blog.

So, watch out internet explorers…the Blondie is back and her blog is up and running once again 🙂


Thought for the day: My new job

It is official. I think I love my new part time job.

Mainly because it keeps me busy…I hate having too much down time, does not make me a happy Jordan.


I got this job lifeguarding/working front of house at a fitness centre in Chelsea.

Fancy..I know.

Anyways, it may not be the World’s most exciting job ever, but as a people person, I get to socialise with the lap swimmers and gym members..

PLUS the guys I work with are pretty cool from what I have seen thus far.

(Doesn’t hurt that a majority of them are well fit. mMm…and I’m not usually attracted to British boys!)

Another positive: I get to use the gym..and any of the other chains of this gym around the UK for FREEEEEEE!

I swam laps today after work.


I think I just like having a job. Extra income…new friends…something to keep me busy (as if Uni work wasn’t keeping my busy enough right?)

HA. Either way. Can’t wait to work tomorrow.

Love my new job.  🙂

Thought for the day: Suggestiveness in judging

You see it all the time at the athletic events.

Judges throw up high scores, while some throw up low scores.

Where is the consistency?

You see this in all sorts of sports…diving, gymnastics, figure skating, and I am sure more than those three I listed.

How do judges score athletes on their skills, not comparing them to the others around. Not comparing them to what they have seen the athletes do in other competitions.

How do you keep things fair for the athletes?

FINA, a diving committee, has tried to fix this judging suggestiveness by making judges take a test…proving them reliable or not when it comes to judging big time diving events.

FINA also does not allow the judges to see the divers warm up…so that way no expectations will be created in the minds of the judges about the athlete’s ability prior to the actual meet.

As for gymnastics, the judges have the same kind of rules. They must be tested to see if they are worthy of judging big gymnastic events.

In big-time competitions, it is much more fair when it comes to the judges consistency and qualifications to judging the event…

If only that was the case in high school and collegiate athletics.

In collegiate/high school sports, judges are the coaches.

Meaning the coaches see the athletes practice everyday and tend to judge them on how they COULD do the trick rather than how they DID do it at the time of the meet.

I was a coach, trust me, I use to do that.

If I knew my divers could do a dive better…I tended to judge them tougher.

How do we keep athletics fair for the athletes benefit??

This is the first of a few posts on this subject of many I am sure.

What do you think? Is judging fair in athletics…no matter the level?

Thought for the day: Sleep talking at its finest

Yes, I am one of those who suffer from sleep talking.

Maybe it is the fact I talk a lot in general so I just can’t help but talk in my sleep?

Who knows!

Either way.. I do it. ALL THE TIME! Especially when I happen to have someone sleeping in my room.

This weekend my lovely friend Kristen was my roomie. Luckily for her, I had warned her that I tend to talk/walk in my if I talked…I encouraged her to take full advantage of the situation and mess with me.

What else would a true friend do right?

Funny enough. I did talk in my sleep. Apparently it was about Uni too. Go figure. I am on holiday and I can’t get Uni work out of my head.

Since we were both exhausted…once she heard me talking. Kristen just said, “Jordan, shut up!” Apparently, all I did in reply was giggle and say “sorry!”

Glad to know I am as chipper in my sleep as I am when I am awake.

I have had many occasions where my poor friends have heard me sleep talk.

Sarah once was sleeping over and I started yelling (at who is a mystery) saying “It’s Patrick Dempsey…NO! It’s Patrick Swayze!.. No body puts baby in the corner!”

HAHA…awesome right? Sarah and I still laugh about it.

I know when I sleep talk/walk. I usually wake up in the morning knowing I did it. Luckily no one really ever witnesses the sleep talking/walking except some lucky individuals.

Suppose there is not much I can do.

I just am a naturally, constant chatter box…day in AND day out 🙂

Thought for the day: What lengths will i go to for Chipotle?

Hi, my name is Jordan Weber…and I am addicted to Chipotle.

“Hi, Jordan” *Group of people say in response semi lethargically”

Well, contemplating going 20 minutes by tube just to get it is great lengths right? I mean… I think that sort of means I have a problem. IT IS JUST SO GOOD!

I even have convinced my lovely friend, who has never experienced the awesomeness of Chipotle, to come with me to get some for dinner…and I will pay for it.

That is how badly I have been craving it for weeks now!

To bad I am not still in St.Pete where a Chipotle is literally a 5 minutes drive from my house…and from my work…and really from anywhere I am at any point in time.

That a plus I give to St. Pete…the rest of it….not so much my thing.

I just love Mexican food…and Chipotle is a happy medium between sit-down restaurant and fast food. One step lower than Carmelitas…and two steps higher than Taco Bell.

Yumm yumm.

Nom nom.

Now, only to keep myself occupied for a few more hours until I can get some Chipotle in my tummy 🙂

Thought for the day: And so it begins

Its day one of semester two and I am already eating my lunch in the news room.

Ahh the sweet life of a trainee journalist.

Starting off the second semester with TV Documentary…and let me just say. Although David tries to scare us all into thinking we will fail and have no life this semester…I think this class is going to be absolutely amazing.

I will get to show off my skills and personality with making documentaries that interest me. I can put emotion into the project, which makes it so much more fun than just hard news stories.

I think this semester is off to a great start. Minus the eating in the newsroom aspect, but today I was really just to lazy to go to the refectory to eat.

I only have class 3 days. I have great classes! Including sports on Wednesday nights! I can not wait! AND I found a place to dive to relieve stress.

Shame that the diving facility is so far away. Twice a week practices are do-able though 🙂

Man! I feel like I will be a busy girl the next few months.

But as someone pointed out to me last night, I know what I want…and I go for it, no matter what.

Let’s get this show on the road!! Bring it on 2012 🙂

Thought for the day: Traveling the world > sleep

This post may come off a bit loopy…since I am running on not even 12 hours of sleep within the past 3 days.

The excitement of traveling to a different country has managed to out weigh the fact that a human being needs something like 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night. For me this weekend…try 2 to 4 hours per night.

Thank goodness for adrenaline.

The first night, Sarah and I had a sleepover since the cab was coming to take us to the airport at like 3:30 a.m. Night after that…well…we were in Dublin. Come on.

You can sleep when you’re dead! At least that is how we lived this weekend.

Traveling takes a lot out of a person though. Not like you’re doing anything besides sitting down in the same chair for hours, but for some reason it takes so much energy to travel.

The flights weren’t to long, hardest part was how early in the morning they are. That is what you get when you book with a super cheap company. Beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to dirt poor graduate students.

The worst part of this weekend (travel wise) was the trip from the Stansted Airport in London back to campus.

We took the Stansted Express from the airport to Liverpool Street Station. Easy right? NOT!

We then tried to take the tube…however, with all the tube closures over the weekend, it took us longer to get from the airport to home than it did to fly to Ireland.

A bit ridiculous right? That would explain my exhaustion right now.

In the end, I will gladly say that when it comes to sleep…you really don’t need much of it when it comes to traveling.

Live in the moment. You can sleep when you’re dead…or on holiday.

Travel. Enjoy life. Don’t sleep. 😉

Thought for the day: Hostles are not a 5 star joint

Staying in a hostel for he first time has defidintly been an experience.

Since there were three of us (two female and one male) we got a mixed sex bedroom room. Meaning we were in a mixed gender room…and we had three randoms living with us for the two days we were there.

Love our luck. We ended up with three French guys who didn’t speak interest. They apparently were surprised to see two females in their room. Initially they looked a little shocked.

We woke the poor guys up on Saturday morning. Leave it to the girls to need to shower and get pretty before a bus tour (never know when a cute Irish guy will be around).

First issue with that morning. It was barely 6 a.m. The French guys came in about 3 a.m. and we could not get the shower to turn on.

We had to get the reception guy to fix it…and he nearly broke it. He made so much noise, there is no way that the poor roommates did not wake up.

The reception people were super nice though. They were very helpful, called the tour service and airport drop off bus for us.

Anything we needed…they helped out with. Super nice guys.

If you are a female, here is something to know: We had to put our makeup on in the men’s bathroom as well as straighten our hair in the dinning area.

Although there were some pros and cons to the hostel situation. I think all together I did not mind.

Next time, I would rather have a private room with just the people I am traveling with…or have a public room, but maybe end up with people more like us..that way when we get up to shower, we don’t ruin the beauty sleep of the men in our room.

Also, if you sleep talk or sleep walk…beware. I had a conversation in my sleep with the French guys when they came back at 5 a.m. and I swore I could understand them (might I add I don’t know French).

You get what you pay for with a hostel…however, this one did have free breakfast. Yumm! BONUS POINTS!


Thought for the day: Filming attempt one

Today was the first day of filming for the TV course I am in. My group..aka the A-Team, consists of Esther, Greg, and myself. We went to Harrow Museum to interview the manager to talk with him about the museum being an olympic torch stop. How exciting right?! GO HARROW!

So the adventure started off nicely. Esther and I walked to Greg’s flat, had some delicious bagels for breakfast, and went on our merry way to the tube station. We only had to go one stop. Easy right?

Not when you let me navigate. I saw a train. We jumped on. Go figure, it was the fast train which took us four stops further than our stop. Oh well. No big deal. We just hopped off at Moor Park and got the “all stations” train to North Harrow.

Then we caught the bus. Almost went the wrong direction, but Greg got us all sorted.

We got to the Museum to meet a lady who showed us to the manager and around the area. The museum is in a gorgeous location in the middle of no where off Pinner View.

While waiting for the manager to finish up what he was doing, we set up the camera, tested levels, and of course…took some pictures to remember this moment.

The interview went great! Minus the manager being a bit nervous and not knowing what to say. I worked the camera, Greg worked the mic levels, and Esther presented this time around.

We took some extra video incase we need it. And now we sit in a Final Cut Pro workshop with this hilarious guy who reminds me a bit of Mike Meyers in Austin Powers. Pretty funny. Hopefully we have an easy-ish time editing our own material tomorrow since we will be watched over by the tutors.

This is why I am in uni. To learn something knew…or in this case, to overload my mind with new information. Either way. I am learning 🙂