Less reading, more fun!

This magazine I created in 2010 for my magazine design class at University of South Florida. It is all about diving, for both athletes and coaches. It is all original works from interviews, design and photographs.

This 7 minute TV documentary is about a couple who takes in refugee women, providing them food, clothing and shelter until they figure out the next step to better their lives.

This story was done in Harrow, London. We interviewed a few Sue Anderson, a councillor in Harrow, and Bill Phillips from HAD (Harrow Association for Disabled People) about the petition they have created to have lifts installed at the tube station.

This is the piece-to-camera I filmed to go along with the story above.

This TV report is about KAte Middleton purchasing dresses from Zara. I had an interview with a guy who works on the Royal Wedding with the Middleton family. Seemed to have mainly positive comments about her shopping on High Street, but you can make your own conclusion.

This movie is one I made with all the videos of surprised I acquired over Christmas break. I managed to keep my home coming a secret long enough to surprise my close friends and my family. 🙂

Childhood obesity has become a rising issue throughout the UK, with a one third of children ages four to six being considered overweight.  Doctors, parents, and teachers are realizing just how important a child’s diet is and are doing what they can to help keep kids healthier. This story was produced and reported by Stefania Barbaglio and Jordan Claire Weber. Click the link to listen to the feature! Enjoy!

This is a radio package I did to get people’s views on the NFL starting a team in the UK. Since the sport is becoming more and more popular across the pond. Listen to find out what experts and fans think of this idea.

This is an interview with Maricel Presilla, a huge part of the world’s cocoa industry. She talks about what cocoa is currently dealing with and what way of payment is most fair to farmers. Click the link to find out more 🙂

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