I was made in the 80’s!

I have no idea why when its Sarah, Kathryn, and I we always tend to make the best ideas…yet once we start the adventure ourideas fail miserably.

We tried to go Halloween costume shopping…well shocker. We took the long route to get to the costume store. Luckily, with her Blackberry, Sarah looked up walking direction. Go figure. The fancy dress store was closed…on a SATURDAY! who does that?! I mean come on!

Luckily the night went up from there 🙂 If only I was a little older I could have appreciated the 80’s and all its glory! The eye make up…the hair….the outfits! ALL OF IT! Luckily for me, last night was Roller Disco! Yup.. I said Roller Disco 🙂 Down in central London there is a weekly Roller Disco skating ring. You can choose to dress up or not. Of course the American’s in our group went ALL OUT! We even rocked some leg warmers and neon color eye shadow! It was a blast. Starting the night off with a little Madonna, we got our hair done and did our makeup! All ready for ROLLER DISCO! So exciting right!?! We were excited at least. I love these girls. We always have fun! I mean the looked like the cool girls in the 80’s… I looked a bit like Jazzercise Barbie, which is awesome of course. Who doesn’t like Barbie? Especially one that looked like Rainbow Bright threw up on.

We had a fun night. People on the tube had no idea how to react to the huge group of us dressed in 80’s gear! To bad we got the roller ring and the que was soooooo longgggg…. we decided to just go home and call it a night. Next time we know; buy our tickets online

and get there before 11:30 p.m. Even though there was no skating involved we had a great night dressing up and enjoying a nice, chill night with friends and listening to 80’s music… because as you know…girls just wanna have fun! Oooo we just wanna have fun 🙂

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