Trust Us With Your Life

Sarah may be the coolest friend I know. She got us tickets to go to a taping of the upcoming American show (to be seen on ABC) called, Trust Us With Your Life. It has a majority of the same cast of the ABC show, Who’s Line Is It Anyways….which of course was HILARIOUS…making this show SOOOO FUNNY! It was so much fun.

Since it was an American based show, they were thrilled to see we were American, so we got priority seating. Meaning we got the best seats! BAM! 🙂 Also may have helped the guy in charge may have had a bit of a crush on Tom….and maybe kept saying he wanted to undress him. LOL. Tom was a good sport too…just for our friendship though of course.

The show itself was hilarious. Jerry Spring was the special guest. The point of the show was for Jerry to tell stories of his life, and the cast did improv to act it out. The improv group included the infamous, Wayne Brady and Colin from Who’s Line. WHICH WAS AWESOME! There were two others that were equally as funny. The scenes were pretty much making me pee myself on a regular basis. Some of the things these guys can come up with on the spot amazes me. My favorite was the “magic mat” scene. There was a mat on the floor…and it looked as if they were standing, when in actuality they were laying on it. So they moved while laying on the mat, which looked like they were upright. It was so funny.

At one point they needed an American from the audience…so before they recorded they asked where we were sitting and Kathryn and I FREAKED OUT so they came to pick one of us! Since Kathryn was on the isle she got picked to do some sound effects for part of the improv! It was so funny. She needs a little more work on her bagpipe sound effect, but she got to shake all their hands. I am a bit envious.

The show was so much fun! And since they loved us…aka Tom. We now have tickets to another TV show taping next week! Love my friends. Love my life. Love London. 🙂

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  1. Stephanie

     /  October 22, 2011

    this is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Go Sarah…and of course, Tom! 😉 Cannot wait to see it on TV!!


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