Holland: Amsterdam and all its uniqueness

I went to visit my lovely friend in Holland over my holiday.

So, what would we do when in Holland you might be wondering? Well, like any tourist, my friend and I took a day trip to Amsterdam.

Yes, Amsterdam. The place known for the Red Light District and coffee shops.

Although, to be honest, I really did not remember that was what Amsterdam was known for…until we got there.

At first glance, Amsterdam has a very old feel to it. The buildings are all such old architecture, which makes them quite the site and so pretty to walk around.

The streets are filled with bicycles and tourists walking around…and on every corner you begin to notice the infamous coffee shops.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about… Holland has coffee shops. Which, if you please, you can go in there and get this thing called marijuana. Since this drug that is illegal in most places, is legal in this country.

As we walked around Amsterdam, my friend gladly pointed and laughed at all the high tourists walking around.

As if that was not shocking enough for me, my friend decided to take me down a stroll through the Red Light District.

Now, if you don’t know anything about this part of Amsterdam…I suggest Google if you want to know more. To explain it in a nice, concise way…the Red Light District has lots of alley ways, when you walk down the side alleys, you will see these glass doors with red lights in them.

At first, I had no idea what was going on. That was until all the sudden my friend goes “Okay Jordan, look to your left”… and to my utter shock, which you could tell by my reaction being my jaw dropping to the floor and my reply being, “WHAT?! OH MY GOSH!”.

Yup, I look over to find there were very scantily dressed ladies in this glass doors. Hello hookers of Amsterdam…glad to see way to much of you! Apparently, if you are into the whole “hire a hooker for sex” deal…all you have to do is knock on their door, they let you in, and done deal.

That part of Amsterdam was quite a surprise to me. As well as not really my scene. It was definitely an experience though, so now I can say I at least went to Amsterdam and saw hookers and coffee shops. Go me!

Now, beside the raunchy part of Amsterdam, we took a canal tour to see all the architecture and learn some of the history. That was really fun to see the other side of Amsterdam and all its glory.

Amsterdam is a place I would visit as a day trip, don’t think I could spend more than one day there…mainly because hookers and smoking pot is not really my thing..so after more than a day I might become a bit bored. However, I am glad I saw it and got the full tour, naughty and nice.

Amsterdam is quite an interesting city. A place everyone needs to visit at least once. Talk about an experience.

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