“The Making of Harry Potter” WB Tour

I solemnly swear that we are up to no good…

just kidding, but I do swear that the Warner Brother’s Harry Potter tour was AMAZING!

They had all sorts of props, costumes and stage settings that were from the films.

It was truly magical.

You really felt like you were in a Harry Potter movie…of course, being in London where the accents are helps as well.

You start of the tour with a short introduction by Emma, Rupert and course Daniel.

Then you enter into the set up of the main dining hall.

You see the tables all set up, the costumes from individuals who were a part of the different houses.

After that you went into an area with all sorta of partial scenes from different parts of different movies.

That is where you also found the green screen room.

This was probably one of the best parts of the entire tour. You stood in line to get your picture taken in front of a green screen, where they then put your image on a broom, flying over London or in the car that Ron and Harry flew in.

Although the wait was quite long, it was worth it because you got to see everyone in front of you act like they were flying because the green screen was also used to make a short film of you flying around.

Pretty sweet right?

Once you get through the first giant room of HP things, then you temporarily go outside where you see a few of the houses, the giant chess pieces and the Knight Bus!

Although we hate the REAL night bus…we still decided it was worth taking a picture with this one, since it’s magic and all. 😉

Then you get to see all the masks used in the movie for different characters, as well as getting to see the realistic looking dead doubles of the characters.

AKA when they needed to look dead in the movies, they used these fake lookalikes.

They were super creepy.

Then came the creatures! There was a whole room of the creatures such as the giant spider and the snake.

After it is all said and done you ended up at the gift shop.

I never usually buy anything, but I gave in.

We had our picture taken to be “wanted” by the magic world and have our pictures on wanted posters.

Our camera man named us “The Harrow Death Eaters” pretty clever right?

Once we bought our pictures, we happily went home.

Worth it? Every penny.

So, if you ever are in London and are a Harry Potter fan, go check out this tour.

You will LOVE it!


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