Do not sit down…anywhere!

Thursday morning, the MAJI (Masters in Journalism – International) students took a field trip to Parliament. Normally, a field trip would be known a few weeks beforehand. However, this field trip was told to us the night before class…leaving us all wondering how to get there via the tube and where do go. To make us even more worried, one of our tutors, David, told us if we are not at the Westminster tube station by 9:50 then we might as well turn around and not come. Needless to say Wendy, Kristen, and I met up at 9 :00 sharp,just to make sure we got there on time.

Parliament, also known for being attached to Big Ben, is a giant building where everything in Britain is decided. We walked in and of course took a group picture. Lots of them actually. I must say, we have a very attractive group of post grads. Learning about the House of Commons and House of Lords was awesome. We heard all about fights between them and the Monarchy. Intense.

Parliament was beautiful as well as interesting. The architecture was incredible. Everything in it was designed fantastically, from the placements of the statues to the seating areas. To bad you weren’t allowed to really sit anywhere. Why is it when you hear a rule, such as “Do not sit” that makes me always want to sit anyways? Just to be rebellious? Of all the places to sit, I SOOOO wanted to sit on the throne! This throne was made of 23 karat gold (24 karat gold would have been to soft for sculpting). IT WAS PURE AMAZINGNESS!

I learned a lot from Parliament and I would recommend going there and taking a tour. You learn a lot of interesting facts and fun stories about the history of Britain and get to see the beautiful architecture and design. However, please note you can not take pictures…and if your feet hurt, to bad.

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  1. Stephanie

     /  October 1, 2011

    if you had decide to go back and be rebellious and sit in the throne be sure to have someone take a picture and send it to FB before the Constables get there for you 😉 LOL!!!!


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