Out with the feathers, in with the tinsel

The cool thing to have with your hair use to be feathers, but that was SOOOO 6 months ago.

The new thing now is tinsel!

Yes, you heard it right. TINSEL. That stuff you use to decorate the Christmas tree.

You probably think I am insane for saying this… but I trust my hairdresser. He stays up to what is in and what is not…so when he says put tinsel in your hair because it’s the new thing…you do it!

So, you might ask me…where can you get this fairy like hair? Along with what is the price tag on looking like a mythical creature.. well, I got your hook up.

Now, my hair dresser is AMAZING! They put tinsel in your hair for about $3 per strand (which looks like two pieces).

And the best part of this cool trend…you only need no more than 10 strands in your hair to make you sparkle.

I, myself, only have six strands in my hair and it looks perfect! Just enough sparkle to be noticable and look fabulous.

However, if you are not in the mood to go into a hair salon…or have friends who can tie things into your hair without breaking it off…then I have a deal for you.

Go to your local Claires (or Icing)..you know…the accessory store.

Anyways..ask them where the “Bling String” is. It comes in two colours and will only dent your wallet $7.50 (plus tax).

Then all you need is a trusted friend who will put the tinsel strands in your hair.

If you rather not have them tied to your hair…this pack comes with hair clips you can tie tinsel to and clip in if you rather.

This cool trend is totally compatible with your hair. You can wash your hair, blow dry your hair and even straighten or curl it depending on your daily routine.

This little bit of tinsel adds some sparkle to your hair. Plus! With so many colours to choose from… you can make the tinsel match your outfits, moods, or look like highlights to your natural (or coloured) hair.

Let’s be real. Who does not want to have fairy hair?

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