Glitz and glam

The National Portrait Gallery, home of some of London’s famous portraits (wow…who would have guessed) hosted a Glamour Factory Event on Friday night that was a blast from the past. The event started out in the 20’s but as the night progressed we moved through the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The event had various different departments to entertain the hundreds of guests who showed.

They had departments such as “Vintage Visage”, where guests could be transformed into a glamorous movie star with a make over by British make-up brand, Illamasqua. After discovering your alter ego from back a few decades, you could “Strike a Pose” and learn how to use dramatic emotions and learn the perfect angle to show off your beauty with actress and comedienne, Anna Berlyn.

While you made your way through the portrait gallery you could also stop at the Broken Hearts Cocktail Lounge is you fancied a drink. You could also get an alter ego and sign your name on the “Walk of Fame”. My alter ego was Kara Arents. I was a “wide-cracking comedienne”. So apparently, my 50’s alter ego is a funny woman…at least that is what I will tell myself 😉 So I got to trace my hand (which I think a 4-year-old could have done a better job of doing) and sign my new name.

Having a friend who knows people was also helpful. Sarah knew the PR reps for the event and got us the insiders looks on the make overs and photo ops. Truly, the make up and the decade ware made the night. The hosts of the events went all out. I don’t think they could have done a better job with putting on an event. Plus, what better location than the portrait gallery for a themed glamour event? Exactly!

The after party was also gorgeous. The Glamour Factory threw the after party at Cafe de Paris in Leicester Square where you could “mingle with the bold and beautiful alongside ghosts from the past”. So, I did just that. Although, there was an interesting turn out for the after party. Included one man who had better legs than any woman I have ever seen. I apologise for the blurry picture, night clubs are dark and it was taken on a phone. We only stayed at the after party for a few hours. The burlesque dancers were an interesting twist to the night. The music was loud, people were drinking and dancing the night away…to bad drinks would have cost me my left arm. Either way it was a fun, entertaining night all around. Good event Glamour Factory…well done!

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