English footy fans are a special breed.

England beat Spain in football tonight 1:0. GO ENGLAND! The game was held at Wembley stadium where all seats were sold! Supposedly the attendance of tonights match was 87,189. That is ALOT of people in one space.

The game was awesome though. The first half was a bit lame, no one scored. But man do I get in to the footy game! I was chanting with the crowd, cheering on England, enjoying the atmosphere! I hear Spain is the top league in footy currently, so to be at this game was fantastic! The crowd was so into it. So different than other sports. I really enjoyed the football fans, they are dedicated, with the occasional band-wagoners of course…which in this case, might have been me.

In the second half, England made a goal, driving the crowd WILD. Which was awesome. However, someone tried to start the wave around the stadium…that was one big giant fail. After that there were no more goals. So England won! Woot woot! Good job boys!

After the game we met up with some friends and went to the pub. Typical story after a sports event. We went to this pub in Wembley called The Torch? I believe. I was told it was “the best pub in Wembley”, it was legit…minus that it was a total sausage fest because of most the footy fans being male. Almost immediately after we sit down, a few footy fans come up and start talking to me…then two doubles, leaving me surrounded by drunk old men who keep telling me I am pretty. Best part: I turn around to talk to the rest of my friends who were at my table….AND THE JERKS MOVED TABLES! Leaving me alone with a circle of about 5 creepers. Better yet, I look at another couple people I was with who were at the bar…and the one I kept making eye contact with kept laughing (you know who you are!).

Luckily, one of our guy friends came later and saved me. Making the creeper, old, racist men to believe he was my boyfriend. Lovely. I have great friends. That is what I learned tonight. Just kidding guys…sort of. What I learned really. Don’t go to a pub near the stadium after a sports event. Drunk old men will be on the prowl and will kiss your cheek and wink at you constantly. Gross. STAY AWAY LADIES. Or take friends who won’t move tables and help you when in time of need. 😉

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