Where can we find a turkey?

Since today is Thanksgiving…and since I am in the UK…sort of makes it hard to be so far away for pretty much my favourite holiday.

Thank goodness I have three things:

  1. Friends who love me and are my London family.
  2. Friends who can cook.
  3. Friends who were as homesick as me today and wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving at our new home.

Without these three things present today, I would have probably been sitting in my room, being emo, and wishing I was home to stuff my face.

Luckily for me, I was not in my room. I was anything except emo. AND I did get to stuff my face.

While I was in class Sarah and Tom went grocery shopping to search for all the Thanksgiving dinner necessities.

Turkey was #1 on the list. However, finding a turkey in London is harder than you would think. My two amazing friends searched three stores before finding a turkey at Marks & Spencer.

They also got other Thanksgiving meal musts: Mashed potatoes (instant), corn, stuffing, rolls, and just for me…cranberry!

They also got some yummy red wine, which made the meal complete.

Tom did a majority of the cooking…such as the vegetable cutting, the turkey preparing, the buttering of the rolls. And might I say, he did a great job! No one got food poisoning which is a plus. (Just messing of course Thomas)

Sarah and I helped out a bit…you know, warmed up the corn. Made the instant mash. Heat up the gravy. Poured the wine. We were extremely helpful.

The girls did most the cleaning up though to show our appreciation for the delicious meal.

Since I am vegetarian, I ate all but the turkey, and might I add…the dinner was amazing!

We ate our food, drank our wine, watched some tennis (since Sarah had is on Tom’s computer so she would not miss Nadal play) and had a good time cooking and chatting.

I felt 100% like I was at home.

Even though I was not home for Thanksgiving this year. And I was not near my actual family…Tom and Sarah were a great replacement for this year’s turkey day.

Thanksgiving 2011 was a success!

I love my London family.

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  1. So glad you keep us posted and you are such a wonderful writer!!!! We miss you and I am happy you feel at home in the UK. When I meet guests at work from the UK I always (with great pride) tell them about my Jordan. xoxoxoxox


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