School systems negatives: America vs London

From talking today with a primary teacher in Harrow and Weald, I got a bit of the positive and negatives to the education system in London compared to what I know about the school system in Florida.

Florida, United States

In Florida, many teachers complain about having to teach to the FCATs.

They say the kids don’t learn anything because teachers could lose their jobs if the kids do not pass the standardised test.

This would not be such an issue. Except parents believe the kids are only learning what is on the test.

Let’s be real…how often in the real world do we ACTUALLY have to take a timed test that will test every aspect of school including English, Math, Science, and Writing?

Not a lot.

Also, Florida…and U.S. schools in general…tend to have more violence in them than European schools do.

Maybe it has something to do with every one in America owning a gun? Hmm, just a thought.

London, United Kingdom

Whilst talking with this teacher I found out some interesting things about their school system here.

They don’t allow anyone to be held back…or move forward depending on your learning level.

Which this teacher was telling me, harms many students who never fully get the attention they need and don’t learn what they need to.

Then, at age 11, you are required to take a test that pretty much decides you course of study and degree all the way through age 17.

Insane right?

Here I thought the American school system was faulty. When really, we encourage our students to learn at their own pace.

We can hold them back when need-be, or we can jump them forward when they need to be challenged.

The teachers I spoke to were actually envious of the American school system! WOW!

Minus the amount of violence we have in American schools of course… that is just a bit insane in general.


In conclusion I think both systems have pros and cons, that make the each other more ideal in the other’s mind.

Maybe if we put our heads together, we could solve the education dilemma and really make the upcoming youth the best that they can be?

In an ideal world…this would happen.

Until then, we will go about our lives in America with violence in the schools…and in Britain with keeping kids with their age group rather than learning group.

Let THAT ponder in your mind…hmm.

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