Sweat the pounds off – bootcamp style

ST.PETERSBURG, FLORIDA – Most personal trainers can cost you a ‘pretty penny’ to get in the shape you want.

What if there was a local personal trainer with more reasonable costs and the motivation you need to reach your goals?

Well, there is.

Andre Hudson, a St. Petersburg resident, has been a personal trainer for more than 15 years and has exercise projects all over the St. Petersburg area, for any person who is wanting to get in shape.

He is the owner of Pro Builder Fitness Inc.

“I thought I was in great shape, but after being in the Military for four years, I realized that the Military’s training really kicked my butt and got me into the shape I’m in now,” Hudson said.

“By controlling our sleep habits, diet, and exercise, the Military really showed me what people need to truly get in shape. So, that is how I run my programs; with a Military based mentality.”

Hudson offers a wide variety of training sessions other than personal training, including: couples training, group training, sports specific, rehab, boxing, plyometrics training, body sculpting, ‘Lives Under Construction’, as well as the most popular form of training – bootcamps.

The bootcamps are offered in six week sessions, Monday through Wednesday, usually beginning as early as 5:45 a.m. running till around 7:15 a.m.

The bootcamps costs about $240 per individual.

Hudson offers these bootcamps for the public at locations such as Straub Park in downtown St. Petersburg, Honeywell Park on 126th Avenue North, Caroline Park in St. Petersburg, and the St. Petersburg Country Club.

“These programs are for anyone after 8 years old to 90 years young,” said Hudson. “As long as the person has the drive to get up and work out hard, I will help motivate them and push them farther then they could even push themselves.”

Megan Linney, 19, is in Hudson’s bootcamp through November first. She says although it may seem like a lot of money, it is a better deal than any other program would be through a gym and “is worth every cent.”

“I really am loving the bootcamp,” said Linney. “I feel good afterwards and keep that feeling throughout the day. Andre pushes me harder than I could push myself, plus it is not the same thing every day, Andre knows how to keep you on your toes and change up the workouts daily.”

For kids under 18, Hudson offers them a deal to participate in the bootcamps.

Instead of paying money, he will let them come for free as long as they keep a 3.5 GPA for school and they must do a group community service project.

Samuel Weber, 12, did Hudson’s bootcamp for kids in the summer, located at Lake Vista. Weber was getting in shape for swimming and wanted to do something extra to get him into shape for season.

“It was hard, but it was worth it,” said Weber. “My favorite was the drill with the ladder, that was actually pretty cool. I think it helped me swim faster in the long run.”

Hudson also offers meal plans for each session for the participants to follow for the duration of the session.

His main goal is to help his participants reach their goals and to help them feel as happy about their body as he is.

“Even with the economy the way it is, people still want to feel good about their bodies and come to me for motivation and help,” Hudson said.

“That is the real reason I love what I do. I want people to get the most for their money when I train them. When they feel like they’ve accomplished their goal, I feel it as well.”

Hudson’s training sessions, individual or group, have shown great results for those who have participated, from weight loss to just getting back in athletic shape for a sport.

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  1. Dynell Jones

     /  September 29, 2015

    What will be the best advice you can give someone who is starting there own business as a personal trainer,and how many days should you train a newbee. An what would be a nice fee to charge someone who is starting out.

  2. Hi Dynell, Please contact Andre Hudson personally for that answer at andre@probuilderfitness.com


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