England: Oxford – Am I in a Harry Potter movie?

Since traveling to a new place is easier in England than it is in the US, Sarah and I decided to make a day trip to Oxford, England to see the infamous Oxford University. Originally there were going to be two others going with us, however they bailed the night before and since Bugsy did not want to go, it was just the dynamic duo on a trip to Oxford.

We took the Mega Bus, which in itself was super hard to find. We had to get to Victoria Coach Station (the word coach makes me feel like I’m in the “olden” days). Now, Victoria Station in general is huge, extremely busy, and not well marked, but we made it to the coach station and they told us to go back to where we were to bus stop #10. Once we found the bus stop they told us we were to early. Since we were hungry…shocker I know…we stopped at Acosta Coffee (the UK version of Starbucks, even though they do have Starbucks here..I don’t know). They had these GIANT donuts, which we figured we would buy… and go figure they tasted terrible. Actually, they tasted like a burger. Strange I know. So lesson learned: DON’T GET DONUTS FROM ACOSTA COFFEE! Unless you want to get your hopes for deliciousness smashed in one bite.

Once we got on the bus it was easy peasy lemon squeezy. We just sat on the bus for 2hrs and took pictures of the gorgeous English countryside.

Oxford was nothing like we imagined. In pictures you think it will be a University in the middle of farming lands, being surrounded by greenery. Nope. It was a legit city, with a shopping strip and many many Uni’s there (Uni = the UK work for college/university). We did lots of walking because Oxford may be decently marked, however its very vague in its directions. So, needless to say we got lost for over a hour just walking in circles trying to find all these places we wanted to see. We did get a chance to walk through through the walk way of Christ King Church, which is where the dining room scenes of Harry Potter were filmed. As well as getting to see the beautiful library where some of Harry Potter was also filmed. Every where I walked I felt as if I was a part of a Harry Potter film, except in real life! It was insane! I just kept waiting for someone to fly across the sky or for some dementors to fly around!

EVERYTHING in Oxford has an admission fee… so if you are a broke Uni student..DON’T GO FOR  A WHOLE DAY! That is what we did. It was a bit disappointing. We did however pay the money to climb up into the Carfax Tower, which is known for having the best view in Oxford! It was worth the £2.20 and the 3 sets of twirly stairs for the view! It was BEAUtiful!  Very romantic if you were with a special someone.. but it’s fun even with a friend. 🙂

Since we ran out of things to do. We decided (since we had 2hrs till our bus left to go back home) to go see a movie. We saw the new British movie, The Inbetweeners. Can I saw HILARIOUS! I have never seen anything but American films and I could tell the blatant differences, but it was very British humor and funny. Some notable difference:

1. UK Transitions are, in my opinion, terrible. They need a bit of work.

2. Lots more male nudity than I was expecting. More male nudity than female, which I thought was interesting.

3. It is hard to understand what they means sometimes with their different phrases.

However, all in all. I was a fan! It was a very humorous movie, and I have not even seen the TV show

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  1. found your site on bing and was just what i was looking for, keep it up 🙂


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