Tour: Jack the Ripper Tour – London, England

I have never known that much about Jack the Ripper, I just heard stories when I was little about how he killed women.

We went on a night-time tour that was in White Chapel, London and was fully focused on Jack the Ripper and his gruesome murders.

You start the tour learning a bit about While Chapel in the 1880’s. Learning how that part of London was considered the ghetto.

Lots of prostitutes…lots of “rent by hour” accommodation…and LOTS of booze and violence involved.

Jack the Ripper killed five women on his murder spree.

All the women were between the age of 35-47, all were drunks, and all were prostitutes…

Except the last victim..who was the most infamous of all his murder victims.

The last victim was 25…and unlike the others, she was killed in her flat…not a random public place.

Jack the Ripper also spent numerous hours with the last victim…taking his sweet time talking with her…and chopping up her body.

I learned so much on this tour and by the end…I really could not help but wonder the possibilities of this villain that was never caught.

After the tour the guide went through some of the myths on who the Ripper was…

Could it have a royal connection?

Could it have been a woman?

Was the Ripper a doctor?

Who was this horrible man known as Jack the Ripper…and why is it no one was every charged?

Why did after the last victim the murders just stop?

So many unanswered questions….

This tour is enticing and leaves you wondering so many things…oh all the possibilities…

I highly recommend this tour.

Do it. You will love it.

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