National Princess Week

So this week (April 22-Aprl 28) is National Princess Week and here are a few ways to celebrate this fabulous week. Go find your inner princess and enjoy it. 🙂

  • Watch a princess movie

All the classics you can find online or pull out the old school VHS player. Cinderella, Littler Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast are waiting for you to get lost in their world’s of true love and dreams that come true. So get comfy and watch a classic Disney film.

  • Wear a Tiara around
Yup, I said it. Buy yourself a pretty, sparkly Tiara and wear it around the house..or out in public. What ever you are comfortable with…you will see your inner princess before you know it. 
  • Download a copy of the free Very Fairy Princess app
You can download this app to your iPhone or iPad. Customize your own wand, and upload a photo of yourself to crown with a tiara and send to friends and family. How fun is that! 
  • Get your friends together and have a princess party

Sleepover fun! Make some princess snakes (cupcakes, tea cakes, tea sandwiches) and bring out the old school princess games. You all remember the game Pretty, Pretty Princess I hope. Well, It is time to play once again.

  • Build your own castle
Not literally, but have a beach day and build a sand castle of your very own. It is fun and you get a nice glow to your skin while you do it. Just remember your sunscreen, don’t want to burn that princess-like skin.
  • Dress up your every day look
Put some effort into your every day outfits this week. Princesses never go out looking a mess. Put on some heels, feel empowered by your inner princess. Plus, every girl needs a good excuse to dress up a bit…what better reason than National Princess Week? 😉
  • Put on some Disney Princess classic songs and dance
Again, yes I said it…DANCE! While you clean or just for fun, put on some Disney music and dance and sing. Disney Princesses live in their own musical practically…now you have an excuse to break out into song and dance…aka my wish come true. 
And remember…we are all princesses on the inside…we just have to show the compassion and genuineness on the outside like all our favourite princesses do.
Go and enjoy National Princess Week
and don’t forget to smile and sparkle. 
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  1. Jordan, please enlighten me: what is the ‘pretty, pretty, princess’ game?!


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