A real life fairytale

Every girls dream: Meet a prince. Fall in love. Have a big, fancy wedding. Live in a big, fancy castle. and OF COURSE live happily ever after.

Some girls dream of this day forever, well I should say most girls do.

There are always exceptions though, such as Kate Middleton marrying Prince William.

As a girl who wants a fairy tale one day…I am truly jealous of Kate and to make my jealousy worse…I went to see her dress at Buckingham Palace during its last weekend of being showcased.

After striking out last Saturday and tickets being sold out, Sarah, Kathryn, Kristen and I were determined to see that dress before it is taken off display October 3rd.

We met up at 7am to catch the tube for Buckingham Palace.

This would have been easier if the Metro line was not closed every weekend. Darn Olympics already causing us problems and it is a year away.

We got there and man, you would not believe how big the line was by the time 9:30 came about.

I am glad we got there super early. We were so giddy waiting in line to buy those tickets!

It was such a great accomplishment knowing we got to see Kate’s gorgeous lace dress. IN PERSON!

It was absolutely beautiful.

Every piece of lace was cut out individually just for her dress. Even her shoes were made shoes were made my Alexander McQueen.

It was something I could only dream of wearing on my wedding day.

Buckingham Palace itself was also very beautiful. The painting, furniture, and everything in it made me want to be a princess that much more.

I know that the English tend to find it strange that American’s are obsessed with the “Fairy Tale Ending” love and life.

I am one of those without a doubt.

I know every Disney princess movie by heart and one day I hope to meet a knight in shining armour who will sweep me off my feet and we will live happily ever after.

I know that is not necessarily realistic…but I think every person needs to believe that they will meet their true love one day and that they are out there waiting for them.

So, even if the English find it silly…

I will keep believing in fairy tales and I will believe more so since I am in a country with actual castles with queens, kings, princes, princesses, and happily ever afters…or at least happy endings for the time being.

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  1. Ginger babies…. (it’s Alissa btw not some creeper) 😉

  2. Stephanie

     /  October 1, 2011

    I know you will find that prince! 🙂 and he would be one lucky dude!

  3. Richard Williams

     /  October 3, 2011

    How awesome that you are getting to see so much of London and the surrounding areas! Now, as to the logic of four seemingly grown women, travelling all the way across town, not one, but two weekends in a row, to stand in a long line, for the chance to purchase a 16 pound ticket, to get in to momentarily view…A DRESS??? Not certain I would go through all that to get in to see God himself! Well, maybe, if He was autographing copies of His book. 🙂 Have the time of your life girl!!!


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