Italy: Milan, the fashion and pigeon capital

A group of us decided to take a weekend trip to Italy. Thanks to Groupon, we got a great deal on two rooms at The Hub Hotel, in Milan.

Now, Milan is known as the fashion capital of the world…right?

Well, the style of this city was less than impressive to me. It seemed to be the complete opposite of what you would expect.

A majority of Milan seemed to be a bit run down…lots of graffiti and dirty back alleys. However, minus those areas…Milan was pleasant.

The metro and train system was the easiest way for us to get around. We bought a 48 hour metro pass and did what the locals did to get around from place to place.

Since we only spent day one in Milan, we decided we should hit up all the typical touristy spots first.

One slight detail I wish I had known about Milan in the first place…it is FREEZING there during the winter months. I have never been so cold in my entire life. It was bone chilling.

First tourist spot we went to was Duomo. Here there is beautiful architecture and lots of high-end stores to shop in.

We walked out of the metro and instantly started taking pictures. That is when the “Do it for Africa” men came up to us little bracelets in hopes to get us to give them money. Tom gave the pounds instead of euros…oops!

The bracelets were nice. Pretty colours which I fancy of course.. but then they grabbed our hands to hand us bird seed to feed the flocks of pigeons.

Needless to say…pigeons are the grossest birds known to mankind…they may even be worse than seagulls.

One guy tried to get Kristen to feed the pigeons…but since she is deathly afraid of birds, that did not go so well. So then, he came to me. Please laugh and enjoy the picture…it is worth 1000 words and apparently there is no need to describe to you how I felt about the birds eating from my hand…

I am just glad they did not poop on me. That was a positive to this.

After the long afternoon of walking in the frigid cold, seeing a fight, and eating pizza/drinking cappuchinos…we decided to head back to our hotel.

We got back and realised a glorious thing…the hotel had a pool, suana, steam room, and hot tub. It would have been just a shame if we did not take full advantage now wouldn’t it?

So, we did just that. Before going to find some local Milan night life..we threw on the hotel’s bathrobes (which were three sizes to big) and went to relax. IT. FELT. AMAZING!

After out pamper session we set out to find some night life. We came across this little bar called, Badaboom. All the drinks were named extremely sexually…but tasted absolutely delicious! Totally worth it.

After a few drinks we called it a night. Best night sleep I had had in a while.

Milan was somewhere I can now say I have been.

However, unless you have money to blow… I would not recommend going there just for holiday.

It was nice..but not THAT nice.

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  1. awesome picture with you and the pigeon, Jordan :D.


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