Malta: Crystal Water, Nightlife and friends

I took a weekend to go to Malta with my London family.

I really had no idea what to expect, since at the time I did not even know where on the map Malta even was located.

When I got off the plane and felt the sun on my face…I knew it was going to be a good weekend.

Our first experience off the plane was a bit humourous though. The cab driver was the most revolting human being I have ever seen. He was disgusting….and drove like we were in Mario Cart…I was a bit scared for my life.

We got to the hotel we were staying at, freshened up and caught a bus to meet up with one of our friends who was already there with his lovely girlfriend.

The first couple of days we did touristy things.

We pretty much went around the entire island looking at all the important things we NEEDED to see. Soaking up the sun as we took pictures and enjoyed each other’s company

Please note if you ever go to Malta all the sidewalks and walkways are extremely slippery. It is a bit unsafe if you are accident prone like me. 🙂

The second day we were tourists a bit more, but ended the day at the beach.

After not having sun for many months, soaking up the rays felt amazing…and although I got a bit red…it was totally worth it.

The last day we took a boat tour type thing. We set out on a boat for the day, seeing the entire island from the water, soaking up the sun and enjoying some traditional Maltese food.

The water was absolutely beautiful. It was freezing though, but I got in anyways. We were able to use snorkels and masks from the tour guides to see all the fish and sea life  in the water.

I even swam the 15-20 feet down to get a snorkel one of my friends dropped (you know who you are! HA!)

That was a boat trip that was worth every penny. It was so beautiful, relaxing and fun! I could not have thought of a better way to spend a day with friends.

After we got back to land, we headed to our hotel to shower, lotion up the sunburns and changed for the evening.

Malta night life was quite interesting. We went out both Friday and Saturday night.

Friday night was fun. We stayed out till extremely late dancing and drinking. It was interesting because Maltese guys definitely think they can just approach women and we would be interested.

Thank goodness we had our guy friends with us, they were good protectors if we needed it.  And with blonde hair…I was someone who stuck out because Maltese feature are normally darker.

However, Saturday night was not as good. It was filled with teeny-boppers (kids) running around causing drama. Not as much fun.

All-in-all though Malta was gorgeous and without a doubt I want to go back some day. It was a beautiful city and worth every penny I spent there.

I would highly recommend it, no doubt about it.

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  1. Cherry

     /  January 9, 2015

    Where the guys not good looking? What about cute guys?


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