I am blonde and American…I am one heck of a stereotype

The other day in class we discussed stereotypes. We talked to our neighbor in class and found out what stereotypes their nationalities had. Luckily, no one was offended because our course is so close, but stereotypes can truly hurt someone’s feelings. Even if the stereotypes are true…does not mean they apply to everyone. So, let us discuss some stereotypes I have come across myself.

Americans: This is an easy one to stereotype. When talking in class, many had negative (some positive) things to say about Americans. The first ones mentioned…OBESE and LAZY. Although I can not disagree that a majority of Americans are overweight compared to other countries, so this one I see as valid..depending on where in American you go. Now for the lazy aspect…I believe everyone is lazy. Especially my generation and the generations under me. We expect everything for doing the least amount. BUT that is another issue all in itself. There were other stereotypes such as; narrow-minded, arrogant, entrepeneurs, loud (I live up to this one), obnoxious, home bodies (I know plenty who live up to this one), and there are countless more I know.

Blondes: Stereotypes do not always have to do with nationality…hair color stereotypes are a big one I have come across plenty (but I just soak it all up and use it to my advantage when able). Blondes…what do you think of? Dumbness. Exactly. Not all blondes are dumb, but we usually assume they are or are at least not as smart as others due to the hair colour. Even if the colouring is FAKE (like me). Although I do admit, I do have my fair share of “blonde moments”, that does not mean I am dumb. Just means I don’t think things through all the way sometimes…which happens to EVERYONE on occasion. However, I just have more of an excuse because of my hair. 😉

*Side note: NOT ALL AMERICANS WHO ARE BLONDE WERE/ARE CHEERLEADERS…just thought I would clarify that. HOWEVER..I audition for High School Musical on-stage in my city…and got the part of HEAD CHEERLEADER, but that is just coincidence.

Some stereotypes have plenty of truth to them for a majority of the people who they describe, but there are always exceptions. People jut need to remember, BEFORE THEY STEREOTYPE SOMEONE…THEY COULD STEREOTYPE YOU AS WELL. So keep that in mind before you jump to conclusions of someone because of the circulating stereotypes the world has about certain nationalities. There are always just equally as bad ones for whatever nationality you are also. We are all equal, not one better than the other…so in all actuality, stereotyping does no good in the long run.

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