Listeners will NOT be impressed…

As if killing all technology we touched was not enough for the broadcast students this week… Today we had to record a magazine bulletin and a package. Of course Greg and I were the presenters for our group. So while testing the levels we did the usual warm ups. We did a little singing. My song of choice “I need a hero” as well as “Barbara Streisand” by Duck Sauce. Typical stuff. We also had an in-depth conversation about cake:

Greg, “I like cake.” Me, “mm cake.” Greg, “Do you like cake?” Me, “I LOVEEEE CAKE.” good conversation right?

We recorded a 25 minute magazine for class… and we stumbled over our words. May have had a few curse words slip out due to the frustration of getting tongue-tied and making random noise such as “bloopbloop” (my personal favourite phrase)

Me, being such a lady and all, even had a few AWESOME burps while recording.. since we can edit it all out anyways right? So it does not matter. No one can hear except my course mates. Not like many people will hear…

JUST KIDDING… leave it to our luck. Smoke Radio was broadcasting the entire day we were recording… meaning… HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE HEARD ALL THE BLOOPERS FROM OUR RECORDINGS. Glad to know someone heard us curse, sing, love on cake, burp… and who knows what else we talked about.

We were finally informed by someone who was listening online to Smoke and called to say that there were students broadcasting out and did not know it… hence the bad words and terrible, off-key singing. Good thing no one knows who we are…. NOT. Our names were in the broadcast…

At least we still have a little dignity? Maybe…

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  1. where is the like-button here :D??

  2. Stephanie Weber

     /  October 20, 2011

    hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! this is a RIOT!!!!!! did you warn your course mates that if anything will happen wrong it will happen to you?? LOL – this made my day!! I soooo wish I had been listening to Smoke Radio! 🙂


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