Italy: Venice, over the bridge and turn right

After a day in Milan..we decided to take a day trip to another one of Italy’s beautiful cities…Venice.

After being woke up late by our group’s other half because our alarm was set wrong…we rushed to get dressed, eat breakfast, and take a three-hour train ride.

Venice was absolutely beautiful.

It really does have rivers for streets. Everywhere you turned there were bridges and boats. Minus the freezing cold aspect of the city, it was beautiful.

We started wandering around, crossing over bridges…stopping to look at all the varieties of masquerade masks the street vendors sold, and of course taking multiple pictures at every turn.

The masks were truly a work of art. They were so beautiful. So many colours and designs. How could you not want one to wear around constantly?

I wanted one, however, I could just imagine it getting squished on the plane ride back…since I only had a carry-on. Why would I want to ruin something so pretty?

With all the vendors and pretty buildings…I really felt like I was in some sort of movie or on a movie set…or in MGM studios riding through some painted sets.

Only difference…is that this was REALLY real life. A place to magical really existed! Weird right?

All the little alley ways and back streets. The beautiful architecture. The bridges and water. There was some what of a romantic feel to this Italian city.

We had some delicious Italian food at a little restaurant. Outside this little area there were even gondolas! Yes, I was excited to see some real gondolas. They look so cool…however, riding on one when freezing seems like a terrible idea. They were pretty to look at though.

After walking off our lunch, we came across a place that sold gelato. Now, as Americans, do you think we would pass up the opportunity for yummy, foreign sweets? NO WAY!

Might I just say YUMM! The gelato was amazingly good. I got tiramisu gelato. OH MY GOSH WAS IT GOOD!

After being fatties, we decided it was time to head back to the train station…leave it to us to completely get turned around in Venice.

We asked multiple people where to go to walk to the station…every single one of them answered us by saying. “Cross over the bridge and turn right.”


I think they just say that to make tourists get MORE lost than they already were. And we did.

We ended up having to take a boat back to the bus station and then walking to the train station. All I could say to Kristen while we were walking was, “Gosh. We suck.”

We both laughed and kept walking. Finally, we made it safely back to the train station with only minimal areas being frostbitten! YAY US!

It is always an adventure with this group. Good thing we all handle confusion and freezing cold temperatures well together.

I would love to go back to this beautiful city when it is a bit warmer out.

Venice…you were lovely…I will gladly recommend you and visit once again.

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