The Graham Norton Show

Yes, I went to ANOTHER TV show taping (thank you Sarah)! This time was the Graham Norton show, which is a very entertaining, popular talk show here in the UK…although he is becoming much more popular in the US as well. Either way…great show!

I had never heard of the show before, until Sarah talked about wanting to get tickets to see one of the taping. Luckily, last week we got our choice of tickets for another show…and on the spot Sarah said GRAHAM NORTON! (The guy, Martin, thinking Tom is the HOTTEST THING EVER was also helpful in getting us priority anyways). Then…as if it could not get even better for us…Sarah e-mailed them a picture of her on Santa’s lap from when she was 4…and they used it on the show! Meaning we got GREAT seats and Sarah was on the show. LOVE. OUR. LIVES.

Every week Graham Norton has various different celebrities on his show. This week it was some big british model/actress, a british model, a british comedian (I have to look up their names… I had never head of them before). He also had the ohhhh soooo attractive, James Mcavoy on the show. Who is just as attractive in real like, in case any of you were wondering. He is gorgeous…and hilarious. Shame he is married…a girl can still dream though right? 😉

There was also a band that played a song… the band was the Arctic Monkeys. Who are pretty good. I really enjoy the sound to their music…and I really have never heard any of their music before tonight. I have heard of them..just would not be able to tell you what their music was like. And I can proudly say, I enjoyed their music. They did a great job live too. Some artists are ABSOLUTELY AWFUL live. They did a good job though! Congrats gentlemen.

The show itself was extremely entertaining… I believe I will try to watch some older shows, because I feel like I have been missing out on a good time. The show is very laid back, there was a tad bit of bad language. BEST PART: Every guest on the Graham Norton show gets to choose their alcoholic beverage of choice to have as they are being interview… James Mcavoy had a beer or two, whilst Graham himself had a glass of wine. I loved that aspect, GO ENGLAND.

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