Snapchat update fails

So, I recently updated my Snapchat so I could take cool new selfies with rainbows coming out of my mouth or look like I am a Secret Service Agent.

After updating my Snapchat I attempted to get the new selfie filters to work. Can I just say, at 26 I have never felt old with technology until that day. I could not for the life of me get it to work.

Thankfully, my sister (who is 21) showed me how to do it while at breakfast. Then the fun began. Sort of.

The first filter I tried was the teary-eyed one. Clearly, my nostrils are my eyeballs? Gross. Thanks Snapchat.


Second I tried the rainbow barf filter. Took me a while, but I ended up getting it after about 20 tries.


Next up, crazy cartoon villan face. The photo says it all. WTF?


Last but not least, I tried the heart eyes filter. Once again, I failed miserably. Thanks Snapchat.


Not sure about all of you, but am I the only one who can’t seem to get the hang of these selfie filters? Perhaps I need to practice more…or give up and stick to normal selfies with duck face or cheesing smiles.


TFTD: Is it SO wrong to want to be a Disney Princess?

This is a question I must ask myself. Daily.

When I get home from work there is nothing better than putting on a Disney movie to make my sorrows and stresses of life disappear. However, I am 25…am I too old to be so easily swept off my feet and taken into such fantasy by a simple animation made to entertain children?

Personally, I think those movies and shows that we all love and continue to watch have helped create me into the person I am and the person I want to be.

I see nothing wrong with dreaming of a day that I will be able to be a Disney Princess. Shoot, I am still applying for jobs to cos-play princesses for party companies. (No, this is not a joke. Serious as a heart attack).

I know people may see this as being immature and childlike, but explain to me how enjoying anything to this extent is not immature or childlike.

We watch shows we like and get lost in certain things to escape reality. My reality just happens to consist of adventure, true love, talking forest animals and magic.

So, until the day I feel too old I stop breathing I will forever love Disney movies and long to be a Disney princess.

Who knows, perhaps if I wish upon a star, my dreams will come true. 😉


Thought for the day: #2 Reason I love my boyfriend :)

DSCN3869It is really hard to narrow all the reasons I love my boyfriend down to only 5 things…plus I like to keep some of them entertaining and not all serious…so thinking of this one was a bit harder than I thought.

BUT, I think I’ve got it!

NUMBER TWO REASON: He puts up with me…and my Disney mentality

Poor boy. He had to learn quite quickly that I love Disney and like to think of the World as a happy place where nothing bad happens.

He tends to be the more grounded person in the relationship, when I tend to be a bit more naive to specific topics…such as the human race.

But, when I tell him things like he is my Prince Charming in my little fairytale in my head OR that he reminds me of Danny Zuko from Grease…he goes with it like a total champ.

Who doesn’t love a guy who understand your love for Disney and is willing to go along (to an extent) with your bubbly, optimistic, sunshine thought process.

Perhaps one day I will even talk him into taking a trip to Disney with me 😉

Thought for the day: #3 reason my boyfriend is GREAT!

20130101_001439I am sure you are wondering…what is the number three reason I love my boyfriend.

Well, this one is an easy one.

NUMBER THREE REASON: My boyfriend is extremely supportive

My boyfriend is so fantastic about being supportive when it comes to my goals in life.

I have not had the best track record with supportive men in my life, so to have someone who truly cares and wants me to be happy makes me realise how lucky I am.

He wants to me go for my goals for things like my career, and where I would like to see us and other big things.

Even if we have completely different short-term goals, we support each other and know that in the end the long-term goals we have are similar and we are on the same page.

This is a short one, but I mean, what else can I say…my boyfriend is amazing for supporting me and my dreams..and I love him for that.

Plus, I see him in 3 short days! 🙂

Thought for the day: English v. American Christmas

This year was my first Christmas away from home…instead I was able to go home with my boyfriend to meet his family.

His family is from Thetford, which is in Norfolk, England for those of you who don’t know where I am talking about.

Thetford has that small town feeling which I absolutely loved, it was nice to meet some of my boyfriend’s family.

Spending Christmas in England made me realise some great differences in this joyous celebration.

First thing I noticed was how much more of a drinking celebration Christmas seems to be in England, which I am not used to.

However, I must say, the alcohol made for some memories and fun. Definitely not saying the English have the party aspect incorrect…however it is much different from I am familiar with.

Second fun thing that is much more an English tradition during Christmas than American are Christmas crackers

…if you don’t know what they are…time to google 😉

Christmas crackers are quite a cute and fun tradition…and you get a paper crown to wear during Christmas dinner!

HOW FUN! aka..I loved it.

Any excuse to wear a crown 🙂

I had so much fun experiencing Christmas in England and would gladly do it again.

Although I missed my family, my boyfriend’s family made me feel at home and did their best to make me have a great Christmas with their family.

All  around, it was a great Christmas and hope yours was too. XX


Thought for the day: Best Pedi EVER!

For my birthday, my mom and sister-in-law made an appointment to go get pedicures!

Can I just say…best pedicure I have ever gotten!

They took their jobs and nails as if it was an art.

It was amazing!

They did a legitimate massage which felt so amazing. My calves and feet needed it.

I got to pick from a giant book of what design I wanted on my toes.


And I am quite an indecisive person…which was a challenge. However, I decided to get something that I could not get at home or in London.


It was between that or Tigger. But since Hello Kitty is more of a popular here in Japan, so I figure I would live it up and get me some pink and Hello Kitty on my toes. 🙂

BEST DECISION EVER! I am obsessed with them!

Yes, I know that I just wrote an entire blog about my toes…but I am a girl…and this is a Blonde’s P.O.V.

Soooooo I like my toes today.

PLUS: It is my birthday 🙂 I do what I want today! x

Thought for the day: My luck at airports

Okay, so as you know I travelled to Japan for my niece’s birth…

Well…here is my story of how I (somehow) managed to make my flights.

I started off in London. Went to check-in. Figured there would be no issue.


The guy at check-in was adamant that I needed a Japan Visa…HA! A JAPAN VISA FOR A TWO WEEK VISIT? You have got to be joking..

So after he makes a few phone calls and asks me a few questions, he realises I don’t need a visa. Lovely.

Off to security I go.

Surprise, surprise…I get frisked twice because the wire in my bra or something kept making the alarm go off.

Then I think I am done, and I get pulled aside to have my purse checked for drugs.

FINALLY! I get to board my flight to Shanghai where I will have a layover before Okinawa and I get stopped yet AGAIN.

The boarding agent told me I needed a Japan Visa…LIES! So she makes a few more calls, comes to conclusion that I don’t need a visa and ta-duh! I get to fly to China.

Once I get to China (which was earlier than expected) I realise I have a 20 hour layover…in a country that doesn’t speak English…and barely anything is written in English.


Get told since my flight was not till the next day I must pick up my baggage and wait over night to check in for my Okinawa flight. Fabulous.

However, I did not have a China Visa and I had to go through customs to claim my baggage (not well thought out, I know).

So customs gives me major issues…and even takes me to a room and asks me a series f questions before giving me a day permit to stay in China until my connecting flight.

After all the drama I decided to get a hotel room and relax a bit before my flight to Okinawa.

Okinawa seemed fine. Check in went smoothly. Security of course I made the sensor go off, but it all seemed fine.

UNTIL I got to Okinawa customs.

Bad news bears. I did not have the address where I was staying because it was on Facebook and my 3G was not working.

10 minutes later I finally got the information I needed and they let me into Japan.

Just in time too! A few hours after I arrived at the hospital (which I went to straight from the airport) my niece was born!

All-in-all. The thee days of travel were completely worth every stress and no sleep because I got to help bring my niece into the world. 🙂


Thought for the day: My plans to stay in London

So, I have decided I need more than one plan when it comes to figuring out how to stay in London once I graduate.

So, here are my game plans.

Plan A: Go to Law School in September

Issue with this plan? This requires either a scholarship or another giant student loan. Can I afford being in debt for the rest of my life? I am not sure yet.

Plan B: Change my start date for Law School to January and work full-time till then so I am able to pay most of my tuition by myself.

Downside? Still would need a student loan to help me live here.

Plan C: Get a full-time job making £20k+ a year that way I can get a working visa.

Problem with this plan…there are barely any journalism jobs so I would have to find something that did not pertain to my major.

Plan D: Marry an Englishman

That way I can stay here on a spouse visa and they can get clearance to like in the US. Only problem is I currently am extremely single and that does not leave a lot of time to find someone to marry.

I will stress more on Plan D in tomorrows thought for the day perhaps.

Until then, those are my plans…

I hope at least one of them works out..I really don’t want to move back to the States (no offense to all my lovely friends and family there, I love you but I love London as well)

Which plan will work? I shall keep you posted. 😉

Thought for the day: Funny things on the tube

I really must say, when talking to friends from work, they are amazed at what my tube experiences have been.

Especially yesterday for instance.

Normally, no one speaks on the tube.

Everyone reads their paper or listens to their iPod at an extremely annoying volume level.

Either way, no one speaks.

Yesterday was an unusual and totally hilarious way to make my day go from terrible to amazing in 2.5 second.

So I am sitting on the Jubilee line, minding my own business.

When this guy walks up to me.

I am sure you are wondering what he said that made me day so amazing.

Well, has these silly adverts up that say things like “Mr. Right could be sitting right under this sign”…or “Your perfect girl could be sitting right here”.

I apparently was sitting under the “Girl of your dreams” one.

So this random comes up to me, I take my ear buds out so I can hear what he is saying..

He says, “The tube advert says you’re the girl of my dreams…and I think it may be right. Here is my number, call me sometimes.”

He hands me this piece of paper with a phone number scratched down on it.

I did not know whether to laugh or be creeped out.

Luckily I did not have to do much, because the next station was my stop.

I simply took the piece of paper, said thank you, smiled and got out of the train.

Minus the creepy factor of that situation, I must say that took some balls for sure.

I really do have the oddest luck EVER.

Weird/entertaining situations somehow always find their way to me.

Go figure.

Either way, thank you random guy on the Jubilee line…you made my day much, much brighter 🙂

Thought for the week: Disney Music

As I sit in my room, listening to Disney song classics such as songs from Snow White, Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast..I started wondering why it is these silly songs make you feel so happy.

Have you ever noticed that?

How can someone not get happy when you listen to Disney songs?

I think the songs give us that warm, fuzzy feeling because you want that ideal perception of love, relationships, life, whatever the song is singing about.

Since I was a little girl Disney movies gave me ideas about these subjects and made me want something exactly like these Disney characters had…

To bad it’s not realistic at all.

But, songs like Tale As Old As Time or Some Day My Prince Will Come are just a couple of examples of songs that make you want that feeling these characters have towards a significant other.

Which brings up another topic…is it better to have these fairytale-like high hopes…or is it better to be realistic and not let your heads get stuck in the clouds?

I, for one, will always have the dream of meeting my Prince Charming and living happily ever after.

So, dream big! Realistic or not…and go listen to some of your favourite Disney soundtracks.

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