Thought for the week: Disney Music

As I sit in my room, listening to Disney song classics such as songs from Snow White, Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast..I started wondering why it is these silly songs make you feel so happy.

Have you ever noticed that?

How can someone not get happy when you listen to Disney songs?

I think the songs give us that warm, fuzzy feeling because you want that ideal perception of love, relationships, life, whatever the song is singing about.

Since I was a little girl Disney movies gave me ideas about these subjects and made me want something exactly like these Disney characters had…

To bad it’s not realistic at all.

But, songs like Tale As Old As Time or Some Day My Prince Will Come are just a couple of examples of songs that make you want that feeling these characters have towards a significant other.

Which brings up another topic…is it better to have these fairytale-like high hopes…or is it better to be realistic and not let your heads get stuck in the clouds?

I, for one, will always have the dream of meeting my Prince Charming and living happily ever after.

So, dream big! Realistic or not…and go listen to some of your favourite Disney soundtracks.

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