Thought for the day: My new job

It is official. I think I love my new part time job.

Mainly because it keeps me busy…I hate having too much down time, does not make me a happy Jordan.


I got this job lifeguarding/working front of house at a fitness centre in Chelsea.

Fancy..I know.

Anyways, it may not be the World’s most exciting job ever, but as a people person, I get to socialise with the lap swimmers and gym members..

PLUS the guys I work with are pretty cool from what I have seen thus far.

(Doesn’t hurt that a majority of them are well fit. mMm…and I’m not usually attracted to British boys!)

Another positive: I get to use the gym..and any of the other chains of this gym around the UK for FREEEEEEE!

I swam laps today after work.


I think I just like having a job. Extra income…new friends…something to keep me busy (as if Uni work wasn’t keeping my busy enough right?)

HA. Either way. Can’t wait to work tomorrow.

Love my new job.  🙂

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