Thought for the day: Best Pedi EVER!

For my birthday, my mom and sister-in-law made an appointment to go get pedicures!

Can I just say…best pedicure I have ever gotten!

They took their jobs and nails as if it was an art.

It was amazing!

They did a legitimate massage which felt so amazing. My calves and feet needed it.

I got to pick from a giant book of what design I wanted on my toes.


And I am quite an indecisive person…which was a challenge. However, I decided to get something that I could not get at home or in London.


It was between that or Tigger. But since Hello Kitty is more of a popular here in Japan, so I figure I would live it up and get me some pink and Hello Kitty on my toes. 🙂

BEST DECISION EVER! I am obsessed with them!

Yes, I know that I just wrote an entire blog about my toes…but I am a girl…and this is a Blonde’s P.O.V.

Soooooo I like my toes today.

PLUS: It is my birthday 🙂 I do what I want today! x

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