Thought for the day: Long overdue

Hiya guys,
I apologise for the lack of blogging over the past couple months. It has been one crazy few months. Wonder what has kept me occupied? Here are just a few examples:

1. Still having no job luck…I am slowly but surely realising how near impossible it is to get sponsorship unless you are a Doctor or a Scientist of some sort.

…apparently I went into the wrong profession.

BUT IM NOT GIVING UP! I may have a few tricks up this pink sleeve of mine 😉

2. I got myself a boyfriend ❤

He is absolutely amazing…and British. All you girls back home, be jealous I get to listen to that lovely English accent every day.

3. I am working as the Drivetime show presenter for a radio station in West London every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4pm – 7pm (GMT).

You can stream it online if you want to support and show me some love:


Other than those things I really have no excuse for my slacking when it comes to my pink, sparkly blog.

So, watch out internet explorers…the Blondie is back and her blog is up and running once again 🙂


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