Thought for the day: I make Casper look black

I am naturally a fair skinned person…but Florida and lifeguarding managed to keep me looking tan all year long. Which was AMAZING! However, moving to London, I have official lost all colour I once had from this summer. Now. I am white…more like pale. That is a much more precise word.

Casper the friendly ghost is probably tanner than me. Standing next to this ghost would probably show us all that he is not white, but black after all. I officially am pale, and might I add I am NOT A FAN! However my options here are limited.

I would fake ‘n’ bake (go to a tanning bed, for those who don’t know the term), except it is hella expensive here in London. As a poor uni student, I have more important things to spend my money on…such as food. Although, I guess I could just not eat and get skinny/tan at the same time? Bad idea. Yes, I know. So there you go, my only option is out the door because I am living off of a student loan.

When I am pale, my self esteem goes down (in my mind). I feel better when I am tan. And although it is not clinically proven, I am pretty sure when you are tan you look thinner. So pale = chubby feeling. Not saying this is actually seen. But, as a female, I know I feel thinner and better about myself when tan.

Also, as a freckle-faced individual. I love being tan because I get more freckles. I love my “angel kisses”. They are one of my favourite parts of myself.

Shame, London..can’t you make it easier for people to be tan? I guess then everyone would look like they were foreign and would lose the “London” appeal. Paleness is okay here for me because everyone else is pale with me, so I am not alone. So for now, Casper can look darker than me, that is fine. I live in London and will rock the London-look with having no colour to my skin tone. 😉

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