Thought for the day: Filming attempt one

Today was the first day of filming for the TV course I am in. My group..aka the A-Team, consists of Esther, Greg, and myself. We went to Harrow Museum to interview the manager to talk with him about the museum being an olympic torch stop. How exciting right?! GO HARROW!

So the adventure started off nicely. Esther and I walked to Greg’s flat, had some delicious bagels for breakfast, and went on our merry way to the tube station. We only had to go one stop. Easy right?

Not when you let me navigate. I saw a train. We jumped on. Go figure, it was the fast train which took us four stops further than our stop. Oh well. No big deal. We just hopped off at Moor Park and got the “all stations” train to North Harrow.

Then we caught the bus. Almost went the wrong direction, but Greg got us all sorted.

We got to the Museum to meet a lady who showed us to the manager and around the area. The museum is in a gorgeous location in the middle of no where off Pinner View.

While waiting for the manager to finish up what he was doing, we set up the camera, tested levels, and of course…took some pictures to remember this moment.

The interview went great! Minus the manager being a bit nervous and not knowing what to say. I worked the camera, Greg worked the mic levels, and Esther presented this time around.

We took some extra video incase we need it. And now we sit in a Final Cut Pro workshop with this hilarious guy who reminds me a bit of Mike Meyers in Austin Powers. Pretty funny. Hopefully we have an easy-ish time editing our own material tomorrow since we will be watched over by the tutors.

This is why I am in uni. To learn something knew…or in this case, to overload my mind with new information. Either way. I am learning 🙂

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  1. Stephanie

     /  November 17, 2011

    and learning is a good thing regardless of how you learn it 😉

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