Thought for the day: Funny things on the tube

I really must say, when talking to friends from work, they are amazed at what my tube experiences have been.

Especially yesterday for instance.

Normally, no one speaks on the tube.

Everyone reads their paper or listens to their iPod at an extremely annoying volume level.

Either way, no one speaks.

Yesterday was an unusual and totally hilarious way to make my day go from terrible to amazing in 2.5 second.

So I am sitting on the Jubilee line, minding my own business.

When this guy walks up to me.

I am sure you are wondering what he said that made me day so amazing.

Well, has these silly adverts up that say things like “Mr. Right could be sitting right under this sign”…or “Your perfect girl could be sitting right here”.

I apparently was sitting under the “Girl of your dreams” one.

So this random comes up to me, I take my ear buds out so I can hear what he is saying..

He says, “The tube advert says you’re the girl of my dreams…and I think it may be right. Here is my number, call me sometimes.”

He hands me this piece of paper with a phone number scratched down on it.

I did not know whether to laugh or be creeped out.

Luckily I did not have to do much, because the next station was my stop.

I simply took the piece of paper, said thank you, smiled and got out of the train.

Minus the creepy factor of that situation, I must say that took some balls for sure.

I really do have the oddest luck EVER.

Weird/entertaining situations somehow always find their way to me.

Go figure.

Either way, thank you random guy on the Jubilee line…you made my day much, much brighter 🙂

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