Thought for the day: Time for a tea party

This is my beautiful friend Sarah’s birthday weekend. So, to start it off, we are going to the Ritz Hotel tonight for tea! So my thought is how tea is such a British thing to do.

Tea…think about it. Any stereotypes having to do with tea usually stems from something British. I love tea and I think is sooooo adorable to go have tea at a cute little hotel or something, get little sandwiches and cakes! AHH! It is like every girls dream. Except I am an adult…and I will be having a fabulous tea party with girl friends instead of stuffed teddy bears and barbie dolls.

American’s like their coffee. Brits like their tea. Where did we miss the boat here? I mean… I know when we started America we wanted to be oh so different that we had to do everything the opposite…but come on! We could not have kept the tea tradition?

I mean, as a little girl I had a cute little tea set…and I would put “tea” (aka water) in my little cups and have a tea party with my friends…and my barbie dolls or little sister (when she was old enough). Do little girls in Britain do the same thing? Or is tea a REAL thing for them…so they play “coffee date” to act like Americans? haha. What an odd thought.

Either way. I am excited to have a real life tea party with my girl friends tonight…we will be all dressed up. Hats and all. Every American girls dream. Oh, how I love London 🙂

Thought for the day: Mighty Mouse was at the party last night

My thought for the day today is dedicated to giving props to people’s choice of fancy dress last night. (If I forget anyone, don’t take offence…there were a lot of you in a lot of different costumes and I loved them all…I am only mentioning some!)

Let’s start with some of the cute MUST costumes that I liked: We had a few doctor and nurse costumes…super cute! However, I would not trust either of you to take care of me if I was injured…just saying. There was also a sailor…which I was digging the sunglasses. AWESOME. Also, my little fairy friend who was granting wishes. You were adorable. I wish I could have thought of a good wish for you to grant me. There was also an adorable nerd! Best nerd I have ever seen…plus I enjoyed stealing the bow tie and glasses you were wearing. LOVE. Lastly, loved the pirates, felt like I was standing in a Pirates of the Carribean movie, the costumes were fantastic. There was also a super cute flapper at the party… pretty sure you were born in the wrong decade because SERIOUSLY 20’s flapper suits you sooooo well!

There was only one costume that was truly creative and made people guess it…that would be my little Freudian slip friend. She wore a slip…that just said “Freud” on it. Very creative. Loved it. You rocked it.

Celeb costume shout out!: Lady Gaga! Even though we looked similar with you wearing the blonde wig…it was awesome. You’re way better at being Lady Gaga than she is. And for Minnie mouse. You were adorable. Can you get a job at Disney? Thanks 😉 We also had Zorro..and I mean come on…who does not LOVE Zorro.. obsessed! He had the mask and hair down PERFECTLY.

Now, those unique costumes where I wondered…how did you think of that?: Gas mask boys… I am glad you got masks to wear for the party…since it was a Mask-erade. Even though you wore normal clothes…I appreciated the gas masks. Pretty funny, except you looked a bit scary. One person at the party was the game Twister…which was absolutely adorable! I loved it..with the Twister board as the hat. Loved that costume!

Best costume of the night: That one is easy. That goes to my neighbor who showed up to the party as MIGHTY MOUSE! It was fabulous. Never would have thought of it. Made my night. Enough said 🙂

Thought for the day: TO THE BATHROOM, BATMAN!

What is the deal with girls and bathrooms? It is like they are out best friends when we are out anywhere. Not only do we use it for personal  reasons, but we also use it for multiple other reasons.

Last night for instance…it was used for a therapy session. You know, when you’re at a table with mixed genders…you can’t go talking about “how much you like _____” when BLANK is sitting at the table… so where shall we talk about it…the bathroom! When you are having a moment of freaking out you go to the bathroom with your bestie so she can give you a heart to heart and tell you how amazing you are…and even blow in your eyes to avoid tears from ruining your make-up. I really should do a study on what the main reason for women using the bathroom is…. I am 90% sure it would be to talk about life problems. Then there is the occasion usage of reapplying make-up, making a phone call, personal use. I am sure there are LOTS more reasons women use the bathroom so much.

But seriously…really, a bathroom is a therapy “safe space”. Which is why I think ALL women’s restrooms should at least have chairs…preferrably couches. That way when you are having a heart to heart with your girl friend about “how _____ plays with your mind” then you don’t have to sit on the window sill or on top of the toilet. You can sit and have your therapy session on a big comfy couch. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Boys must think we are the WEIRDEST species…EVER. I mean they don’t scurry off to the bathroom when they need to talk to their friend… then again, they don’t NEED to talk about things like that I suppose. But when a couple girls “go to use the bathroom” and don’t come back for like 20 minutes…what do they think is going on? Well fellas, here is a hint. Girls go to the bathroom in pairs when talk time is needed. Don’t be alarmed though…it is just what we do. 😉

Thought for the day: UK’s top 12 Christmas toys..FOREAL?!

It is almost Christmas time again… time to spend money on people that none of us have, at least my poor parents don’t have to buy silly toys anymore since all of us are grown enough that clothes, gift cards, and cold hard cash work JUST PERFECTLY.

According to the Toy Retailers Association, here are the top 12 toys they think will make Christmas special for all the good little boys and girls (prepare yourself…some of these are ridiculous)

There are some classics at the bottom of the list, such as: Star Wars Ultimate Force Tech Lightsaber Assortment,  Ninjago Fire Temple, Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster,Moshling Tree House, and Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station. THEN THINGS GET WEIRD with…Milky the Bunny, Let’s Rock Elmo, LeapPad Explorer, Kidizoom Twist, Fijit Friendsand Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set.

Anyone know whata  Milky Bunny is? Sounds like a creeper toy to me…just saying. However, I am SO DOWN with Let’s Rock Elmo. BAM! I LOVE ELMO!!!

now for what you’ve been waiting for…drum roll please… the number one toy…are you ready? Is the suspence killing you yet? It is…. DOGGIE DOO.

When you Google this game…a picture shows up. Now originally what do you think of with this name’s title? Dog poop..right? (or is that just me?) Either way.. IT IS EXACTLY THAT! The point of the game, believe it or not, is for kids to pick up 3 doggie poops before the other children playing. SERIOUSLY TOY MAKERS?!! You made a game for children about cleaning up after a dog? I mean I guess it is good to teach children about the curtousy of cleaning up after your pets…but come on parents…teach your kids yourself, why buy a game with fake poop and a fake dog?

Toy creaters must be running out of ideas for kids toys… next we will have “squueze me porcupine” where kids squeeze the animal and can get poked with thier needles. Or maybe something on the lines of “drink till you vomit” goal of the game… make your doll drink, first one to vomit wins!

All I can do is shake my head… tisk tisk toy makers…doggie poop? REALLY? Disappointing.

Thought for the day: I hate news

What  is news? I feel like in my choice of profession I am asked that question every single day. However, what may be newsworthy to some…may not be newsworthy to others. Personally, I don’t like what most newspapers or media outlets seem to think is “newsworthy”. As a journalist, I strongly dislike reading the news…which seems ironic for the fact one day I will be reporting news myself.

Why do I hate news? Hmm, let’s see… mainly, I believe news is to negative. Why would I want to see that another person was murdered while I am eating my breakfast? Great way to start my day right? Don’t think so. I mean I understand that not all news can be positive, but sometimes it would be nice to see a happy story on page one rather than so and so had an affair with blah blah. I feel as if the glass is always half empty with media outlets. I know sometimes bad things happen, such as an earthquake or hurricane that kills many people, which is tragic. I completely think there is not an easy way to turn that into a positive initially. However, if there stories to follow, maybe try to find some light in a terrible situation…not saying that is easy to do, but it is not completely IMPOSSIBLE.

News is something people need in their lives. They want to know what is going on. Helps people to have a sense of control knowing what is going on in their city, their country, and even around the world. When we constantly see negative things happening around the world, how are we suppose to enjoy our day and think we are lucky to be alive?

Maybe having a healthy balance of negative and positive should be considered by more news outlets. It is good that people know what is going on, however not everything happening is SO TERRIBLE that there is no hope at all. I find that the UK is much better at this balance than America.

America…seriously, get it together… show something happy every now and then. I mean, things could always be worse for us. Just saying. All in all, I vote more happy news. Not meaning I need fairytales and fluffy bunnies…but to get a little warm fuzzy every now and then would make reading news ALOT more tolerable. 🙂

Thought for the day: We turn into pumpkins

London..a beautiful city, lots of things to do, LOTS of night life. However, does it make it easy for you to get from central to a somewhere outside central..such as Harrow…where I am? Negative ghost rider. They make it super difficult. They make you take a night bus…which can take FOREVER! Or a cab..which will cost you an arm and a leg, unless you have a big group of people.

Why, oh why, are those the only 2 options? BECAUSE THE TUBE CLOSES AT 12:30a…bad idea? I think yes. You would think in a city with so much hussel and bussle, why would the tube close to early? I mean I would totally understand if it closed at like 2:00a… but 12:30a…really? That is a bit ridiculous.

So for people like us (who live in Harrow), it makes us feel like we are the lame kids at the slumber party who fall asleep first…because we are constantly leaving our fun plans to catch the tube.

So the question is…have a life and take the night bus. OR have no life…and catch the tube. hmm…?

Thought for the day: Here and now

You ever have those nights when you just sit and wonder how you got to the place you are now? Well, I was having one of those nights last night. If you would have asked me 3 years ago where I would be in 2011…I would have never told you London, that is a fact. I would have never told you I would not be diving. No one would have believed that anyways… most people still don’t.

With all my pondering, I began to also reflect on past relationships, good and bad. Something was once so good…how did it turn so bad so fast? Or the people I would expect to support me are actually doing the opposite… can anyone really be counted on now-a-days?

Whilst being in my slump last night, I had a nice heart to heart with one of my newly found friends here. Who gave me a piece of advice that inspired this thought for the day… that friend told me, “you’re here now, so enjoy being here, be here in mind as well as spirit, and let what’s done go, cuz it aint coming back. and that’s ok”

That is totally and completely true, and after thinking about it the rest of the night… I could not help but feel more relieved knowing that that statement is true. What happened this summer… what happened last year… it’s all in the past. No point dwelling on things I can NOT fix. Time to pep up and live for today. Needless to say, my mood drastically improved. I mean… I AM in London anyways. 🙂

Thought for the day: Fairytales..false hope?

Watching Tangled last night got me thinking… is there really such a thing as happily ever after? I mean girls grow up watching these Disney movies that tell us Prince Charming is out there…and he will sweep you off your feet…but does that ever really happen? I mean I am sure there is a “Mr Right” somewhere out there, but to think we will live a perfect life…forever and ever…is that just me having my head in the clouds?

Watching these feel good movies about love, do they really make us feel good? If anything I think they just make us feel worse about NOT having that fairytale romance. I mean, how much more in your face “HA! YOU WISH YOU HAD THIS” can these movies be?

Dont get me wrong… I love these fairytale movies… and Tangled will forever be one of my favourites. So I will always hope and dream for my prince charming. In the words of Snow White..”Im wishing…for the one I love…to find me…today” 🙂

Thought for the day: The step moved!

What makes someone clumsy? I only ask this because I do not think I could go a full day without tripping over air…even though I know that the side walk jumped out at me! Which for some reason no one ever believes me. I mean seriously, did I miss out on that part of life called “learning to walk” or did I from the beginning have issues with picking up my feet..?

Last night, in the span of only a couple hours, I managed to eat the concrete twice. Literally eat it. Hands and knees on the ground. I am surprised I did not hit my face…I mean I am sure the concrete was feeling a bit lonely and THAT is why it moved the step down on me. It just wanted a kiss from the silly blonde that looked like Jazzercise Barbie. No offense to the concrete, but I happen to like my teeth. My parents spent a lot of money making sure my teeth were straight and white.

Although no kisses were given, the concrete still managed to take some skin from my knee and my hands. But I guess all is fair in love and war? Or I guess in this case it would be

All is fair in love and clumsiness 😉