Thought for the day: We turn into pumpkins

London..a beautiful city, lots of things to do, LOTS of night life. However, does it make it easy for you to get from central to a somewhere outside central..such as Harrow…where I am? Negative ghost rider. They make it super difficult. They make you take a night bus…which can take FOREVER! Or a cab..which will cost you an arm and a leg, unless you have a big group of people.

Why, oh why, are those the only 2 options? BECAUSE THE TUBE CLOSES AT 12:30a…bad idea? I think yes. You would think in a city with so much hussel and bussle, why would the tube close to early? I mean I would totally understand if it closed at like 2:00a… but 12:30a…really? That is a bit ridiculous.

So for people like us (who live in Harrow), it makes us feel like we are the lame kids at the slumber party who fall asleep first…because we are constantly leaving our fun plans to catch the tube.

So the question is…have a life and take the night bus. OR have no life…and catch the tube. hmm…?

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  1. Very interesting subject, thank you for posting.


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