Thought for the day: Here and now

You ever have those nights when you just sit and wonder how you got to the place you are now? Well, I was having one of those nights last night. If you would have asked me 3 years ago where I would be in 2011…I would have never told you London, that is a fact. I would have never told you I would not be diving. No one would have believed that anyways… most people still don’t.

With all my pondering, I began to also reflect on past relationships, good and bad. Something was once so good…how did it turn so bad so fast? Or the people I would expect to support me are actually doing the opposite… can anyone really be counted on now-a-days?

Whilst being in my slump last night, I had a nice heart to heart with one of my newly found friends here. Who gave me a piece of advice that inspired this thought for the day… that friend told me, “you’re here now, so enjoy being here, be here in mind as well as spirit, and let what’s done go, cuz it aint coming back. and that’s ok”

That is totally and completely true, and after thinking about it the rest of the night… I could not help but feel more relieved knowing that that statement is true. What happened this summer… what happened last year… it’s all in the past. No point dwelling on things I can NOT fix. Time to pep up and live for today. Needless to say, my mood drastically improved. I mean… I AM in London anyways. 🙂

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  1. Stephanie Weber

     /  October 20, 2011

    Yes, there are still people that you can count on now-a-days….and some you can always count on regardless! AND you are in London! 🙂


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