Thought for the day: Someone…

Every girl has a check list, on paper…in her mind…whatever, of what we want in a man.

We look for these key items, even if we forget sometimes just how important they really are to us when it comes to the long haul.

I have been thinking lately about what I want when it comes to future relationships.

With a handful of my friends getting engaged, married, etc…how can a girl not think about what I want for the future?

I know, like most girls…we just want to find a guy who thinks about our feelings and not just his own. Someone who understands what you are going through when something upsets you.

Someone who loves you for your insecurities…and reassures you you have nothing to worry about.

Someone who loves you for your crazy personality, your random mood swings where you just want to pick a fight, your slight jealousy issues….

Someone who knows when not to say anything…just to let you rant, cry, whatever the case may be…and just listen.

Someone who can read you like a book. Someone who knows when you really are not “fine”.

Someone who wants a relationship not only based on the physical aspect of things…but can actually have a serious, heart felt conversation with you.

Someone who will hold you when you cry.

Someone who sees a future with you…not just a temporary thing until something better comes along.

Someone who tells you you are beautiful…even when you look terrible.

Someone who can handle your disfunctional family…and understands that they will never truly understand what you are going through…but will support you either way.

Someone who pushes you towards your goals…like you do for them.

Someone equally as driven and motivated as you… someone who knows what they want with their future.

Someone who loves you…FOR YOU..and all your imperfections.

Thought for the day: Heart breaker is my middle name

I hate to say it…but I feel like I am ALWAYS breaking someone’s heart.

How do you tell someone you only see them as a friend? Without hurting their feelings and crushing their dreams?

This not only applies for guys (my situation) but I am sure there are guys out there who have had the same dilemma when it comes to girls they hang out with.

Why must friendships always be compromised by emotions?

Why must one friend always develops feelings for the other friend…it always messes things up! ALWAYS!

Say you have a certain group of friends (males and females mixed) and then all of the sudden…one of the males decides to like you…and address his feelings.

Now you just sit there like GREAT…THINGS JUST GOT WEIRD. THANK YOU!

So you have to tell them the truth…you can’t lie to them or lead them on..that is just rude.

You tell them the truth. They get upset. Ish gets awkward. Lovely.

It is even MORE uncomfortable when you had a thing with a guy for a bit, but then something like Christmas break comes around…and you don’t see each other for a month.

A lot could change in that month.

You could realise you enjoy being single. Or that he is not the type of guy you see yourself with. Whatever the case may be…the feelings become blatenly one-sided when you come back.

Now the subject has been brought to your attention after three weeks of ignoring any signs that he still may have feelings for you. add to the mix. You met someone.


I feel like I am always put in these situations….which end in heart break for the person of the opposite sex who finds me to be awesome and wants more than just a friendship.

I hate this. I have terrible luck…and I hate hurting peoples feelings.

But, I suppose the best thing I can do is be honest….right?

Thought for the day: The one that got away

Everyone has that one person who you will always think of as “the one that got away”.

If you are saying to yourself..thats not me…you are a liar. Let’s be real for a second.

I am sure off the top of your head you can think of one guy/gal who you never took the risk with. Whether it is your best friend, high school crush, college roommate, or anything. You never took the leap to try.

Meaning, they were the one that got away. You never found out the “what if” that still, on occasion, lingers through your mind.

I have someone like that.

We have recently gotten back in touch after many years, but I will never forget him.

In my book, this crush was the one that got away. We stayed on the friends level, never more. Which I have always been okay with.

Although the thought still sits in my mind…”what if?”

My “what if” may never be answered…and that is one thing I will always wish I knew the answer to.

I have been in a poetry mood lately, so enjoy this poem below to go along with my post.

And remember. If you believe someone might be worth it…don’t miss the opportunity. Go for it.

Don’t let that special person forever (in your book) be labeled as “the one that got away”.

You know how you always have that one regret 
Or that hope for something that didn’t happen yet 
Or that one girl (or boy)
That you made your world 
Or maybe you didn’t 
And you made pushing her (him) away 
Apart of your mission 
And every day you had her (him) wishing 
That she (he) was the one you were missing 
While all along she (he) knew the truth 
Knowing she (he) was never the first you’d choose 
And all you ever did was bring tears to her (his) eyes
And pain to her (his) heart
When all she (he) ever did was care 
And stay by you from the start
Then you suddenly realize how much they are worth 
And that finding anyone like them 
Is rarely if even possible to occur 
And then you realize how special they truly were 
But now it’s too late 
Because now their marked as 
The one that got away 

Written by Shilesha Johnson 

Thought for the day: Don’t just be someone’s “option”

My lovely friend, Sarah, mentioned this quote to me and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. Don’t be someone’s “option”, when you can be someone’s “one and only”. This quote has so much truth to it…it shockes me.

I feel so many times we go for the people who lead us along only to realise we are an option incase one of their others backfires. How is that fair? Please explain that to me. Why is it we all settle for being second best…or third best… when in we SHOULD only want to be someone else’s first choice without any doubt?

This goes for both guys and gals. If you like someone…but they like someone else and keep dragging you along…why put up with the emotional drama that goes along with it? It can’t be healthy. Don’t allow yourself to be a pawn in someone’s love game. Every single one of us deserves only the best…and deserves someone to appreciate them for who they are. NOT, “oh this one didn’t work out…I guess I will go to the next option”.

I understand there is always that exception to this scenario. Maybe you have a crush on your bestfriend, but your bestfriend has no idea that he/she likes you back until one day…LIGHT BULB! If you are patient enough to wait around for your bestfriend…and risk your emotions then that is fantastic. More power to you.

I don’t care how long you have been single…or how amazing you think a certain person is…or how much you fancy a specific human being. If they play with your mind and lead you on. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT!

I can only hope that this opens someone’s eyes to a real issue they are dealing with. and remember…YOU ARE WORTH IT! Don’t doubt yourself. Someone out there see’s you as their NUMBER ONE CHOICE. You just have to find them 🙂

Thought for the day: TO THE BATHROOM, BATMAN!

What is the deal with girls and bathrooms? It is like they are out best friends when we are out anywhere. Not only do we use it for personal  reasons, but we also use it for multiple other reasons.

Last night for instance…it was used for a therapy session. You know, when you’re at a table with mixed genders…you can’t go talking about “how much you like _____” when BLANK is sitting at the table… so where shall we talk about it…the bathroom! When you are having a moment of freaking out you go to the bathroom with your bestie so she can give you a heart to heart and tell you how amazing you are…and even blow in your eyes to avoid tears from ruining your make-up. I really should do a study on what the main reason for women using the bathroom is…. I am 90% sure it would be to talk about life problems. Then there is the occasion usage of reapplying make-up, making a phone call, personal use. I am sure there are LOTS more reasons women use the bathroom so much.

But seriously…really, a bathroom is a therapy “safe space”. Which is why I think ALL women’s restrooms should at least have chairs…preferrably couches. That way when you are having a heart to heart with your girl friend about “how _____ plays with your mind” then you don’t have to sit on the window sill or on top of the toilet. You can sit and have your therapy session on a big comfy couch. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Boys must think we are the WEIRDEST species…EVER. I mean they don’t scurry off to the bathroom when they need to talk to their friend… then again, they don’t NEED to talk about things like that I suppose. But when a couple girls “go to use the bathroom” and don’t come back for like 20 minutes…what do they think is going on? Well fellas, here is a hint. Girls go to the bathroom in pairs when talk time is needed. Don’t be alarmed though…it is just what we do. 😉

Thought for the day: Here and now

You ever have those nights when you just sit and wonder how you got to the place you are now? Well, I was having one of those nights last night. If you would have asked me 3 years ago where I would be in 2011…I would have never told you London, that is a fact. I would have never told you I would not be diving. No one would have believed that anyways… most people still don’t.

With all my pondering, I began to also reflect on past relationships, good and bad. Something was once so good…how did it turn so bad so fast? Or the people I would expect to support me are actually doing the opposite… can anyone really be counted on now-a-days?

Whilst being in my slump last night, I had a nice heart to heart with one of my newly found friends here. Who gave me a piece of advice that inspired this thought for the day… that friend told me, “you’re here now, so enjoy being here, be here in mind as well as spirit, and let what’s done go, cuz it aint coming back. and that’s ok”

That is totally and completely true, and after thinking about it the rest of the night… I could not help but feel more relieved knowing that that statement is true. What happened this summer… what happened last year… it’s all in the past. No point dwelling on things I can NOT fix. Time to pep up and live for today. Needless to say, my mood drastically improved. I mean… I AM in London anyways. 🙂

Thought for the day: Fairytales..false hope?

Watching Tangled last night got me thinking… is there really such a thing as happily ever after? I mean girls grow up watching these Disney movies that tell us Prince Charming is out there…and he will sweep you off your feet…but does that ever really happen? I mean I am sure there is a “Mr Right” somewhere out there, but to think we will live a perfect life…forever and ever…is that just me having my head in the clouds?

Watching these feel good movies about love, do they really make us feel good? If anything I think they just make us feel worse about NOT having that fairytale romance. I mean, how much more in your face “HA! YOU WISH YOU HAD THIS” can these movies be?

Dont get me wrong… I love these fairytale movies… and Tangled will forever be one of my favourites. So I will always hope and dream for my prince charming. In the words of Snow White..”Im wishing…for the one I love…to find me…today” 🙂