Thought for the day: Heart breaker is my middle name

I hate to say it…but I feel like I am ALWAYS breaking someone’s heart.

How do you tell someone you only see them as a friend? Without hurting their feelings and crushing their dreams?

This not only applies for guys (my situation) but I am sure there are guys out there who have had the same dilemma when it comes to girls they hang out with.

Why must friendships always be compromised by emotions?

Why must one friend always develops feelings for the other friend…it always messes things up! ALWAYS!

Say you have a certain group of friends (males and females mixed) and then all of the sudden…one of the males decides to like you…and address his feelings.

Now you just sit there like GREAT…THINGS JUST GOT WEIRD. THANK YOU!

So you have to tell them the truth…you can’t lie to them or lead them on..that is just rude.

You tell them the truth. They get upset. Ish gets awkward. Lovely.

It is even MORE uncomfortable when you had a thing with a guy for a bit, but then something like Christmas break comes around…and you don’t see each other for a month.

A lot could change in that month.

You could realise you enjoy being single. Or that he is not the type of guy you see yourself with. Whatever the case may be…the feelings become blatenly one-sided when you come back.

Now the subject has been brought to your attention after three weeks of ignoring any signs that he still may have feelings for you. add to the mix. You met someone.


I feel like I am always put in these situations….which end in heart break for the person of the opposite sex who finds me to be awesome and wants more than just a friendship.

I hate this. I have terrible luck…and I hate hurting peoples feelings.

But, I suppose the best thing I can do is be honest….right?

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