Thought for the day: And so it begins

Its day one of semester two and I am already eating my lunch in the news room.

Ahh the sweet life of a trainee journalist.

Starting off the second semester with TV Documentary…and let me just say. Although David tries to scare us all into thinking we will fail and have no life this semester…I think this class is going to be absolutely amazing.

I will get to show off my skills and personality with making documentaries that interest me. I can put emotion into the project, which makes it so much more fun than just hard news stories.

I think this semester is off to a great start. Minus the eating in the newsroom aspect, but today I was really just to lazy to go to the refectory to eat.

I only have class 3 days. I have great classes! Including sports on Wednesday nights! I can not wait! AND I found a place to dive to relieve stress.

Shame that the diving facility is so far away. Twice a week practices are do-able though 🙂

Man! I feel like I will be a busy girl the next few months.

But as someone pointed out to me last night, I know what I want…and I go for it, no matter what.

Let’s get this show on the road!! Bring it on 2012 🙂

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  1. Looking forward to this semester two Jordan! I also wanted to tell you I’ve given you the Liebster Blog Award. Check it out:

  2. HI ya Jordan – You probably want to get used to eating lunch at your desk – most successful people do that – some more than others. Also, what is a “refectory” – I assume it is a place where one refects? No clue other than context. All is good here, life is normal. Bill

    • heya coach! I refectory is like the cafeteria. Took me a while to get use to them calling it that though! Oh..and to your other comment…I am def a hopeless romantic 😉

  3. This also applies to knowing what you are feeling emotionally and recognizing when you are being influenced by the emotion of another.


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