Thought for the day: What lengths will i go to for Chipotle?

Hi, my name is Jordan Weber…and I am addicted to Chipotle.

“Hi, Jordan” *Group of people say in response semi lethargically”

Well, contemplating going 20 minutes by tube just to get it is great lengths right? I mean… I think that sort of means I have a problem. IT IS JUST SO GOOD!

I even have convinced my lovely friend, who has never experienced the awesomeness of Chipotle, to come with me to get some for dinner…and I will pay for it.

That is how badly I have been craving it for weeks now!

To bad I am not still in St.Pete where a Chipotle is literally a 5 minutes drive from my house…and from my work…and really from anywhere I am at any point in time.

That a plus I give to St. Pete…the rest of it….not so much my thing.

I just love Mexican food…and Chipotle is a happy medium between sit-down restaurant and fast food. One step lower than Carmelitas…and two steps higher than Taco Bell.

Yumm yumm.

Nom nom.

Now, only to keep myself occupied for a few more hours until I can get some Chipotle in my tummy 🙂

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