Thought for the day: Life has a mind of its own

You never know where life is going to take you.

You may think you have it all figured out and then…BAM! Life throws a curve ball at you that makes you rethink your previous plans.

One day you can be perfectly content with yourself and your current relationship status, then all of a sudden, out of no where, you meet someone…who is absolutely AMAZING!

Then what do you do?

You just gave yourself a giant pep talk about being content with being the single girl and focusing on other things besides finding someone…and then this happens?

OR you go all the way through getting your Masters Degree in a particular field…only to get to the realisation that you might have picked the wrong career choice…even though you thought the first one was “the right one” for you.

Now, it’s back to school you go to achieve yet another MA in a different subject.

It will all be worth it though, once you get the job of your dreams and your life one day begins…after the “I will be a student forever” stage.

Life also has a tendency to blind side you with other aspects of your life. In my case, family drama tops it all.

At least I can say, my family is NEVER boring. All I can say is I love them for the disfunctionalness…and my siblings are the cause of any gray hair that you can’t see thanks to my constant root colouring 😉

What do you do when life decides it is time to change your course…no matter how drastic?

First I recommend screaming into a pillow…or punching something (preferably not another human being or living creature)

Then I suggest pulling yourself together…and going with what has been brought up to you to change. No point wallowing over something. Just go for it.

I personally think the whole issue with life having a mind of its own comes down to one thing..and one thing only…

God has a sick sense of humour. 😉


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