Thought for the day: Sleep talking at its finest

Yes, I am one of those who suffer from sleep talking.

Maybe it is the fact I talk a lot in general so I just can’t help but talk in my sleep?

Who knows!

Either way.. I do it. ALL THE TIME! Especially when I happen to have someone sleeping in my room.

This weekend my lovely friend Kristen was my roomie. Luckily for her, I had warned her that I tend to talk/walk in my if I talked…I encouraged her to take full advantage of the situation and mess with me.

What else would a true friend do right?

Funny enough. I did talk in my sleep. Apparently it was about Uni too. Go figure. I am on holiday and I can’t get Uni work out of my head.

Since we were both exhausted…once she heard me talking. Kristen just said, “Jordan, shut up!” Apparently, all I did in reply was giggle and say “sorry!”

Glad to know I am as chipper in my sleep as I am when I am awake.

I have had many occasions where my poor friends have heard me sleep talk.

Sarah once was sleeping over and I started yelling (at who is a mystery) saying “It’s Patrick Dempsey…NO! It’s Patrick Swayze!.. No body puts baby in the corner!”

HAHA…awesome right? Sarah and I still laugh about it.

I know when I sleep talk/walk. I usually wake up in the morning knowing I did it. Luckily no one really ever witnesses the sleep talking/walking except some lucky individuals.

Suppose there is not much I can do.

I just am a naturally, constant chatter box…day in AND day out 🙂

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