Thought for the day: The one that got away

Everyone has that one person who you will always think of as “the one that got away”.

If you are saying to yourself..thats not me…you are a liar. Let’s be real for a second.

I am sure off the top of your head you can think of one guy/gal who you never took the risk with. Whether it is your best friend, high school crush, college roommate, or anything. You never took the leap to try.

Meaning, they were the one that got away. You never found out the “what if” that still, on occasion, lingers through your mind.

I have someone like that.

We have recently gotten back in touch after many years, but I will never forget him.

In my book, this crush was the one that got away. We stayed on the friends level, never more. Which I have always been okay with.

Although the thought still sits in my mind…”what if?”

My “what if” may never be answered…and that is one thing I will always wish I knew the answer to.

I have been in a poetry mood lately, so enjoy this poem below to go along with my post.

And remember. If you believe someone might be worth it…don’t miss the opportunity. Go for it.

Don’t let that special person forever (in your book) be labeled as “the one that got away”.

You know how you always have that one regret 
Or that hope for something that didn’t happen yet 
Or that one girl (or boy)
That you made your world 
Or maybe you didn’t 
And you made pushing her (him) away 
Apart of your mission 
And every day you had her (him) wishing 
That she (he) was the one you were missing 
While all along she (he) knew the truth 
Knowing she (he) was never the first you’d choose 
And all you ever did was bring tears to her (his) eyes
And pain to her (his) heart
When all she (he) ever did was care 
And stay by you from the start
Then you suddenly realize how much they are worth 
And that finding anyone like them 
Is rarely if even possible to occur 
And then you realize how special they truly were 
But now it’s too late 
Because now their marked as 
The one that got away 

Written by Shilesha Johnson 

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  1. Devin Perkins

     /  November 27, 2011

    Yea even after being hitched you still have at least ONE person that you think something coulda happened with. its human nature in my book because we crave the other gender so much, but you live and you learn. Tis all good to me.


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