Thought for the day: Someone…

Every girl has a check list, on paper…in her mind…whatever, of what we want in a man.

We look for these key items, even if we forget sometimes just how important they really are to us when it comes to the long haul.

I have been thinking lately about what I want when it comes to future relationships.

With a handful of my friends getting engaged, married, etc…how can a girl not think about what I want for the future?

I know, like most girls…we just want to find a guy who thinks about our feelings and not just his own. Someone who understands what you are going through when something upsets you.

Someone who loves you for your insecurities…and reassures you you have nothing to worry about.

Someone who loves you for your crazy personality, your random mood swings where you just want to pick a fight, your slight jealousy issues….

Someone who knows when not to say anything…just to let you rant, cry, whatever the case may be…and just listen.

Someone who can read you like a book. Someone who knows when you really are not “fine”.

Someone who wants a relationship not only based on the physical aspect of things…but can actually have a serious, heart felt conversation with you.

Someone who will hold you when you cry.

Someone who sees a future with you…not just a temporary thing until something better comes along.

Someone who tells you you are beautiful…even when you look terrible.

Someone who can handle your disfunctional family…and understands that they will never truly understand what you are going through…but will support you either way.

Someone who pushes you towards your goals…like you do for them.

Someone equally as driven and motivated as you… someone who knows what they want with their future.

Someone who loves you…FOR YOU..and all your imperfections.

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