Thought for the day: Where will I be?

I hate when people ask me “where do you see yourself in a few years?”

Honestly people…how am I suppose to know the answer to that question?

I don’t even know where I will be come September, let alone where I will be three or more years from now.

Really. Life could go so many directions with me at this point in time.

I could get into law school and stay in London for another couple of years, while if I don’t get into law school…I will need to find a job.

Then that leaves the question on where in the world will I find a job? The US? London? Somewhere else in the world? Who knows!

And I am only 22. I could meet the love of my life, be swept off my feet and move to where ever he is. Wouldn’t that throw a curve ball in my life’s direction?

Haha imagine it!

So many aspects of my life are still unsure…I could go left…I could go right. Who knows at this point.

I am okay with not knowing where I will be in the next year. At this time in my life, I am just going with the flow.

Why worry about tomorrow…when today is not even over?

Food for thought. Think about it 🙂

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