Thought for the day: I hate news

What  is news? I feel like in my choice of profession I am asked that question every single day. However, what may be newsworthy to some…may not be newsworthy to others. Personally, I don’t like what most newspapers or media outlets seem to think is “newsworthy”. As a journalist, I strongly dislike reading the news…which seems ironic for the fact one day I will be reporting news myself.

Why do I hate news? Hmm, let’s see… mainly, I believe news is to negative. Why would I want to see that another person was murdered while I am eating my breakfast? Great way to start my day right? Don’t think so. I mean I understand that not all news can be positive, but sometimes it would be nice to see a happy story on page one rather than so and so had an affair with blah blah. I feel as if the glass is always half empty with media outlets. I know sometimes bad things happen, such as an earthquake or hurricane that kills many people, which is tragic. I completely think there is not an easy way to turn that into a positive initially. However, if there stories to follow, maybe try to find some light in a terrible situation…not saying that is easy to do, but it is not completely IMPOSSIBLE.

News is something people need in their lives. They want to know what is going on. Helps people to have a sense of control knowing what is going on in their city, their country, and even around the world. When we constantly see negative things happening around the world, how are we suppose to enjoy our day and think we are lucky to be alive?

Maybe having a healthy balance of negative and positive should be considered by more news outlets. It is good that people know what is going on, however not everything happening is SO TERRIBLE that there is no hope at all. I find that the UK is much better at this balance than America.

America…seriously, get it together… show something happy every now and then. I mean, things could always be worse for us. Just saying. All in all, I vote more happy news. Not meaning I need fairytales and fluffy bunnies…but to get a little warm fuzzy every now and then would make reading news ALOT more tolerable. 🙂

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  1. Hi Jordan – How can we be so happy here in the USA when our best most optimistic and enthusiastic person is over there? Yes, news is bad 9 guess there is a reason gore rhymes with bore. The team here is doing great, Catie won the Berkeley meet with 399.5, missed her 5132 but did well otherwise. Maddie had act’s and the spc kids did well on there dives too. It was their first introduction to diving in cold weather – they loved it (that’s my story). Bill


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