Thought for the day: Mighty Mouse was at the party last night

My thought for the day today is dedicated to giving props to people’s choice of fancy dress last night. (If I forget anyone, don’t take offence…there were a lot of you in a lot of different costumes and I loved them all…I am only mentioning some!)

Let’s start with some of the cute MUST costumes that I liked: We had a few doctor and nurse costumes…super cute! However, I would not trust either of you to take care of me if I was injured…just saying. There was also a sailor…which I was digging the sunglasses. AWESOME. Also, my little fairy friend who was granting wishes. You were adorable. I wish I could have thought of a good wish for you to grant me. There was also an adorable nerd! Best nerd I have ever seen…plus I enjoyed stealing the bow tie and glasses you were wearing. LOVE. Lastly, loved the pirates, felt like I was standing in a Pirates of the Carribean movie, the costumes were fantastic. There was also a super cute flapper at the party… pretty sure you were born in the wrong decade because SERIOUSLY 20’s flapper suits you sooooo well!

There was only one costume that was truly creative and made people guess it…that would be my little Freudian slip friend. She wore a slip…that just said “Freud” on it. Very creative. Loved it. You rocked it.

Celeb costume shout out!: Lady Gaga! Even though we looked similar with you wearing the blonde wig…it was awesome. You’re way better at being Lady Gaga than she is. And for Minnie mouse. You were adorable. Can you get a job at Disney? Thanks 😉 We also had Zorro..and I mean come on…who does not LOVE Zorro.. obsessed! He had the mask and hair down PERFECTLY.

Now, those unique costumes where I wondered…how did you think of that?: Gas mask boys… I am glad you got masks to wear for the party…since it was a Mask-erade. Even though you wore normal clothes…I appreciated the gas masks. Pretty funny, except you looked a bit scary. One person at the party was the game Twister…which was absolutely adorable! I loved it..with the Twister board as the hat. Loved that costume!

Best costume of the night: That one is easy. That goes to my neighbor who showed up to the party as MIGHTY MOUSE! It was fabulous. Never would have thought of it. Made my night. Enough said 🙂

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