Thought for the day: Time for a tea party

This is my beautiful friend Sarah’s birthday weekend. So, to start it off, we are going to the Ritz Hotel tonight for tea! So my thought is how tea is such a British thing to do.

Tea…think about it. Any stereotypes having to do with tea usually stems from something British. I love tea and I think is sooooo adorable to go have tea at a cute little hotel or something, get little sandwiches and cakes! AHH! It is like every girls dream. Except I am an adult…and I will be having a fabulous tea party with girl friends instead of stuffed teddy bears and barbie dolls.

American’s like their coffee. Brits like their tea. Where did we miss the boat here? I mean… I know when we started America we wanted to be oh so different that we had to do everything the opposite…but come on! We could not have kept the tea tradition?

I mean, as a little girl I had a cute little tea set…and I would put “tea” (aka water) in my little cups and have a tea party with my friends…and my barbie dolls or little sister (when she was old enough). Do little girls in Britain do the same thing? Or is tea a REAL thing for them…so they play “coffee date” to act like Americans? haha. What an odd thought.

Either way. I am excited to have a real life tea party with my girl friends tonight…we will be all dressed up. Hats and all. Every American girls dream. Oh, how I love London 🙂

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  1. Yayayayayay!! ♥


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