Thought for the day: The step moved!

What makes someone clumsy? I only ask this because I do not think I could go a full day without tripping over air…even though I know that the side walk jumped out at me! Which for some reason no one ever believes me. I mean seriously, did I miss out on that part of life called “learning to walk” or did I from the beginning have issues with picking up my feet..?

Last night, in the span of only a couple hours, I managed to eat the concrete twice. Literally eat it. Hands and knees on the ground. I am surprised I did not hit my face…I mean I am sure the concrete was feeling a bit lonely and THAT is why it moved the step down on me. It just wanted a kiss from the silly blonde that looked like Jazzercise Barbie. No offense to the concrete, but I happen to like my teeth. My parents spent a lot of money making sure my teeth were straight and white.

Although no kisses were given, the concrete still managed to take some skin from my knee and my hands. But I guess all is fair in love and war? Or I guess in this case it would be

All is fair in love and clumsiness 😉

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  1. Stephanie Weber

     /  October 16, 2011

    lol – your mother will remain silent you your learning to walk stage of life 😉 However I will say I believe it is a hereditary thing….


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