Thought for the day: Fire alarms

Fire alarms are of course a great thing. If there is a fire… you can escape from the building before flames eat you. However, I am not a fan of the residence halls testing fire alarms at 11 a.m. on a Friday morning. Last Friday I was sleeping soundly (on my one week day with no class, so i can sleep in) and I had to jump out of bed, put clothes on, and half asleep walk outside.

Today was a different story… I was showering when the alarm went off. Great right? Having to walk outside in a towel. cute. Luckily before I got out of my hall the alarm stopped, leaving me with a little more pride than I thought I would have after this experience.

This is my cry out to the residence hall staff…can we move the testing time to a little bit later? This 11 a.m. thing is already annoying and its only been the second week.


Girl who likes to not go outside in a towel with shampoo still in her hair. 😉

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