Thought for the day: English v. American Christmas

This year was my first Christmas away from home…instead I was able to go home with my boyfriend to meet his family.

His family is from Thetford, which is in Norfolk, England for those of you who don’t know where I am talking about.

Thetford has that small town feeling which I absolutely loved, it was nice to meet some of my boyfriend’s family.

Spending Christmas in England made me realise some great differences in this joyous celebration.

First thing I noticed was how much more of a drinking celebration Christmas seems to be in England, which I am not used to.

However, I must say, the alcohol made for some memories and fun. Definitely not saying the English have the party aspect incorrect…however it is much different from I am familiar with.

Second fun thing that is much more an English tradition during Christmas than American are Christmas crackers

…if you don’t know what they are…time to google 😉

Christmas crackers are quite a cute and fun tradition…and you get a paper crown to wear during Christmas dinner!

HOW FUN! aka..I loved it.

Any excuse to wear a crown 🙂

I had so much fun experiencing Christmas in England and would gladly do it again.

Although I missed my family, my boyfriend’s family made me feel at home and did their best to make me have a great Christmas with their family.

All  around, it was a great Christmas and hope yours was too. XX


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