Thought for the day: Hostles are not a 5 star joint

Staying in a hostel for he first time has defidintly been an experience.

Since there were three of us (two female and one male) we got a mixed sex bedroom room. Meaning we were in a mixed gender room…and we had three randoms living with us for the two days we were there.

Love our luck. We ended up with three French guys who didn’t speak interest. They apparently were surprised to see two females in their room. Initially they looked a little shocked.

We woke the poor guys up on Saturday morning. Leave it to the girls to need to shower and get pretty before a bus tour (never know when a cute Irish guy will be around).

First issue with that morning. It was barely 6 a.m. The French guys came in about 3 a.m. and we could not get the shower to turn on.

We had to get the reception guy to fix it…and he nearly broke it. He made so much noise, there is no way that the poor roommates did not wake up.

The reception people were super nice though. They were very helpful, called the tour service and airport drop off bus for us.

Anything we needed…they helped out with. Super nice guys.

If you are a female, here is something to know: We had to put our makeup on in the men’s bathroom as well as straighten our hair in the dinning area.

Although there were some pros and cons to the hostel situation. I think all together I did not mind.

Next time, I would rather have a private room with just the people I am traveling with…or have a public room, but maybe end up with people more like us..that way when we get up to shower, we don’t ruin the beauty sleep of the men in our room.

Also, if you sleep talk or sleep walk…beware. I had a conversation in my sleep with the French guys when they came back at 5 a.m. and I swore I could understand them (might I add I don’t know French).

You get what you pay for with a hostel…however, this one did have free breakfast. Yumm! BONUS POINTS!


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  1. Sounds like a pretty good hostel experience Jordan. I somehow always manage to book the room with someone who snores!

    In saying that, most of the hostel’s I’ve stayed in have been great – the one in Berlin was absolutely amazing! The worst? London!

  2. All life experiences, Jordan. Wait until you go to Russia, eastern Europe or some other fun place. The people will still be mostly nice, especially to you since you are so outgoing and tend to bring that out in other people. But you will come to think of that Hostel as the Ritz.


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